piece of leather

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a separate part consisting of leather

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Clive and Wendy Elsdon, from Evancliffe Leathercraft, delighted young children by giving them the chance to put their own stamp on a shaped piece of leather to take home with them.
So the day men agree to walk around for eight hours with their spines tilted at a precarious angle and their corns and bunions squished into a miniscule piece of leather on stilts is the day women might start listening to their thoughts about what constitutes "feminine attire".
It is best to first bind a strong piece of leather to each prong then attach the elastic to these.
SHARJAH -- Pakistan media has raised questions on Stuart Broads alleged temper with the ball as he peeled off the piece of leather from the ball and then the ball began reverse swing, causing trouble for Pakistani batman in second innings of the match.
The reinforcement comes from an extra piece of leather that circles the opening and to which the belt loops attach up front.
A poor and kind-hearted shoemaker receives some help when his last piece of leather is transformed into the most magnificent pair of shoes overnight.
Most of the belts mimic a single cut piece of leather, but one, cast in a rich amber glass, is of the woven-leather variety, the kind worn too long by hipsters in high-waisted jeans.
THERE are few things more irritating than someone interrupting an interesting conversation about football by saying: "It's just 22 grown men, kicking a piece of leather about.
See, he was a clean man--dark, wirey-- a little piece of leather but well put together.
It sure beats a pair of pliers and a piece of leather wrapped around the pin, or a "sorta' bent" screwdriver doing the prying--both methods sure to leave their calling signs
But two little elves have other ideas - and there's still one last piece of leather to make one more pair of shoes.
Carbon dating showed a piece of leather found with the books was just under 2,000 years old, placing it within Christ's lifetime.
Once I got a good solid bench, I started using sandbags covered with a piece of leather for handguns, graduated to a Pistol Perch and then a few years ago my friend Denis built the ultimate handgun rest.
Because of the nature of Carina's creative process, each piece of leather is wonderfully unique, no two are alike.
The box contained fragments of wood, possibly from the coffin itself, and a piece of leather, thought to have been part of the king's glove.