piece of leather

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a separate part consisting of leather

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But then I'll be in another room, and my memory of the curve of a certain piece of leather will give me an idea of how to start a sculpture.
But two little elves have other ideas - and there's still one last piece of leather to make one more pair of shoes.
A small piece of leather found wrapped around the rectangular bar by the research team yielded a radiocarbon date of roughly A.
Because of the nature of Carina's creative process, each piece of leather is wonderfully unique, no two are alike.
The box contained fragments of wood, possibly from the coffin itself, and a piece of leather, thought to have been part of the king's glove.
Following Kroeber's description, the top row is attached to a separate piece of leather that extends laterally to either side of the bustle to form the belt (Photo 4).
As we could only afford one piece of leather at a time, it was a case of whose shoes were the most worn out.
Thankfully, he told me the price before he got to the till and I stopped him in his tracks - for we were talking the wrong side of BD150 here for what was basically a small piece of leather, folded over and stitched together.
Jimmy Anderson appeared to be picking at a piece of leather from the ball and it did not look good.
TESTS: Excavation work being carried out at the site of a mass grave in northern France, and above, small handmade heart made from a piece of leather found in a mass grave
What's good about this is that my husband is a leather addict, and he collects rare samples from all over the world, that's why sometimes I create one bag out of one rare piece of leather, so it's up to the ladies and their luck.
I get inspired from the material," Henry says, rubbing a piece of leather between his fingers, "It gives me the idea of what I want to do.
The puppet show follows the story of old shoemakers who are cold, hungry and down to their last piece of leather when magic puts the duo on the road to success.
They just kick a piece of leather around, for goodness sake.
Earl had a piece of leather in his mouth he could make sound just like a high-pitched fiddle," says the former two-headed drummer, laughing.