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At that moment, the Captain, without noticing my presence, opened the piece of furniture, a sort of strong box, which held a great many ingots.
The utmost exertion of her strength did not suffice to stir the heavy piece of furniture out of its place, by so much as a hair's breadth.
He looked at the chair; it was a fantastic and grim-looking piece of furniture, certainly, but it must have been a remarkably ingenious and lively imagination, that could have discovered any resemblance between it and an old man.
Since then, I have been a mere disfigured piece of furniture between you both; having no eyes, no ears, no feelings, no remembrances.
Dancing began; I should have liked well enough to be introduced to some pleasing and intelligent girl, and to have freedom and opportunity to show that I could both feel and communicate the pleasure of social intercourse--that I was not, in short, a block, or a piece of furniture, but an acting, thinking, sentient man.
Place the money on that trunk," said he, turning round and pointing to the piece of furniture.
No piece of furniture had been moved from one place to another; the Vicar ate the same things, said the same things, went for the same walk every day; he had grown a little fatter, a little more silent, a little more narrow.
Rosamond in her agitated absorption had not noticed the silently advancing figure; but when Dorothea, after the first immeasurable instant of this vision, moved confusedly backward and found herself impeded by some piece of furniture, Rosamond was suddenly aware of her presence, and with a spasmodic movement snatched away her hands and rose, looking at Dorothea who was necessarily arrested.
She took no more notice of Hamel or his arrival than if he had been some useless piece of furniture.
Stealing on tiptoe towards this latter piece of furniture, he retired with it into the remotest corner, and intrenching himself behind it, watched the enemy with the utmost vigilance and caution.
In this flight of fancy, Mr Swiveller was assisted by a deceptive piece of furniture, in reality a bedstead, but in semblance a bookcase, which occupied a prominent situation in his chamber and seemed to defy suspicion and challenge inquiry.
Finalists who make it to the competition proper are given three days to conceptualize and construct one innovative piece of furniture each week, with the help of an assistant.
The poet's divan, his only piece of furniture, pushed against the ecstasy of the window, bears the weight of his longing for the beloved to appear.
1 DJ DESK It's a specially created piece of furniture in my house which was designed a Glasgow furniture designer called Derek Welsh.
It's very impressive and was the only piece of furniture in the house when it was purchased in 1959.