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According to the complainant, she does not know about the accuse persons and she was immediately went unconscious after the kidnapers put a piece of cloth on her face.
Dubai: A newborn baby stopped breathing and was suffocated as a piece of cloth had been stuffed in his mouth, said a crime scene investigator as he described a murder scene in court on Wednesday.
She confessed she had suffocated the baby boy by stuffing a piece of cloth inside his mouth.
The magnificent embroidery, the richness of the silk material, and the finely woven brocade makes this six-yard piece of cloth irresistible.
Hijaab may be regarded assome pieces of cloth, but it goes much beyond that, as covering one's body with a piece of cloth is just half the story.
Contamination should be removed from the cotton and it be kept on a clean dry place over a piece of cloth and exposed before sunlight.
A belt from the Old Egyptian Kingdom and a piece of cloth from the New Kingdom Statue of a priest clad in a baggy shirt tied with a broad sash Three women clad in white carrying sacrifices A shroud painted with a portrait of the diseased Mummy Cover The section that displays the Roman era holds a number of sowing tools beside the textilesas well as a small model of a spinning and weaving workshop.
Hajj Hassan Mohammed Hassan from Egypt said he bought prayer beads and rings for his brothers and relatives, and a handbag and a piece of cloth for his wife.
Worse, some of them hold a piece of cloth or plastic soaked with solvent against their noses or mouth while wiping shoes of jeepney passengers.
It is basically a piece of cloth sown into a cylindrical tube, slipped over the head by men and stepped into by the women and tucked in at the waist.
Fag end dates back to the 17th century and was used to describe the end of a piece of rope or the unfinished end of a piece of cloth.
The victim hanged himself from a fan using a piece of cloth.
Forensic tests on the baby's body revealed he was strangled with a piece of cloth before being dumped.
The 60-year-old who has been creating stunning portraits and landscapes out of hay for 40 years, said each creation take hours - sometimes days - as straws are chosen and then glued one by one to a black backdrop - often a piece of cloth.
AND Daybreak's Brian McFadden on the Muppets Most Wanted premiere: "It's amazing that a piece of cloth with someone's hand made me starstruck.