piece de resistance

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Synonyms for piece de resistance

Synonyms for piece de resistance

the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

the most important dish of a meal

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"It has been an eventful 24 hours with night-time surfs up to 40 knots, helmsmen being washed off the wheel -- well that was me -- and the piece de resistance, the crash tack.
The piece de resistance of France's display came when flyhalf Trinh-Duc picked out Imanol Harinordoquy with a stunning bit of skill to allow the number eight to run in unchallenged.
The piece de resistance will be the five-star Chedi Andermatt Hotel.
"And for office tenants wishing a Midtown presence, this building's piece de resistance is a 3,207 s/f penthouse offering full-floor identity," added Solarz.
Finally, and the piece de resistance, get it to kick off just two hours before England's footballers start their World Cup campaign.
Clair Nicholson makes a strong impression in Il barbiere di Siviglia's "Largo al factotum," the piece de resistance in a role he has taken on for many companies, and judging from the audience's roaring laughter and cheers he nailed the character in visual terms as well.
Not only can hipsters in the United States purchase their own "piece de resistance" at their local Urban Outfitters in pink, orange or multicolored designs, but Israelis have also co-opted the keffiyeh and don it in Israel's national colors--blue and white--as a way to normalize Israel's illegal existence, erase indigenous Palestinian cultural symbols and deny the effectiveness of an organized national movement against Israeli colonialism.
But the piece de resistance is the House for an Art Lover, completed in 1996, more than 80 years after Mackintosh submitted the designs for an architectural competition under the pseudonym "Der Vogel." Though Mackintosh's entry was disqualified--possibly for missing the deadline--German publisher Alexander Koch published three of the entries, including Mackintosh's, as separate portfolios in 1902.
And the piece de resistance, as ACLUers in Texas say: A week before Christmas, the school board of Cobb County, Georgia, which had been placing anti-evolution stickers on biology textbooks, capitulated.
(To say he adopted the character is not to imply that Moore did anything false, but that by adopting a consistent appearance and wardrobe, Moore, like the Stetson-hatted Will Rogers or the cardigan-wearing Mort Sahl, signaled his comic persona.) Then, in 2004, Moore released his piece de resistance, Fahrenheit 9/11, a funny, sick-making, devastating answer to Bush administration's responses to the 9/11 attacks, including especially the invasion of Iraq.
With the help of home theater designer Bob Gatton and Philips Electronics style and home designer Stephen Saint-Onge, Adu got the home entertainment setup of his dreams: 50-inch Philips Ambilight flatTV in his and his mother's rooms ($4,499.99 each); 42-inch screens in several other rooms ($2,699.99); the piece de resistance, a home theater that features a custom-built, remote-controlled, 120-foot drop-down Marantz 12S4 projection screen; Lutron motorized window shades that descend to block outside light; and a Canton/Marantz sound system.
About 200 tents (including our presentation stages and vendor booths) must be set up; about 20,000 welcome bags of goodies are assembled; and the finishing decorative touches will be put on this year's piece de resistance, the Sunset Breeze-house, a two-bedroom modular home completed in our parking lot.
Top it all off with the piece de resistance: a fabulously styled wig of choice.
This is all the more impressive if one considers the scope and ambition of the martial--art sequences, which are the film's piece de resistance. Granted, lacking a bigger budget or the martial arts expertise of, say, Yuen Wo Ping (Iron Monkey), the extensive fight scenes, mostly by an amateur cast, contain more than a few visibly missed punches and lame throws.
Then comes the piece de resistance: In January 2005, Cassini will release a probe that will parachute through Titan's haze.