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Below, from left, in My Mad Fat Diary, at Scottish BAFTAs, Jimmy in the Pie-Eyed Piper of Hamilton and the pair with fellow cast members David Ireland, Kathryn Howden and Kevin Mains
So, too, did the soloists, led by mezzo Suzanne Mentzer, who, sitting squirmily on a stool and looking alternately peevish, pie-eyed and penitent, gave the audience easy entree into the Child's storybook world.
I'd rather our taxes went into that rather than some pie-eyed scheme for long after we're all dead, wouldn't you?
In addition to the romantic misadventures of Bradley, there's a tale of youthful love between pie-eyed dreamer Chloe (Alexa Davalos) and troubled ex-junkie Oscar (Toby Hemingway).
Whitman was anything but pie-eyed about American politics, as befits a former Grant administration appointee who had been abruptly discharged when he was discovered to be the author of the "immoral" Leaves of Grass.
He did go on in the article to say Wales deserved to win - a pie-eyed leprechaun with a Guinness in one hand and a rollie made up of four-leafed clovers in the other could have seen that.
Calling this course of events "perfectly insane," Harris once again didactically marvels at how our own pie-eyed tolerance of faith has brought us to this grimmest of all passes: "I have just described a plausible scenario in which much of the world's population could be annihilated on account of religious ideas that belong on the same shelf with Batman, the philosopher's stone, and unicorns.
In making their recommendations, both walk a line between hard-nosed realism and pie-eyed optimism.
And analysts believe Fourtou's $14 billion valuation is pie-eyed, given the declining health of the businesses due to lack of attention.
I love that I am guaranteed almost two hours a day of quiet time to relax and read the papers and that I can have a drink after work, and make my way home as pie-eyed as I choose.
On another corner, a friendly gay couple gave directions to a pie-eyed man in a Promise Keepers shirt.
Strong stuff, though at times Bartlett's own advice seems overcautious: "We do not suffer the pie-eyed idealism that led our parents to despair when they failed at creating the perfect world.
At the other extreme, pie-eyed optimists believe the lack of congressional gusto is attributed to the unspoken done-deal status for North Little Rock's selection.