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Synonyms for pie

pie in the sky


  • a false hope
  • a fantasy
  • an illusion
  • a mirage
  • a delusion
  • a pipe dream
  • a daydream
  • an unrealizable dream
  • a castle in the sky

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a prehistoric unrecorded language that was the ancestor of all Indo-European languages

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Percentage measures for the aligned pies are based on their percentage of the total size of the three segments taken together.
Mind you the fillings in UpperCrust pies are so generous he'd probably end up with a cranial injury.
While all of the Table Talk pie fillings are still made from scratch by bakers on site, the baking process is automated, allowing Table Talk to produce pies at a rate of 10,000 per hour.
Rara vez se recomiendan las intervenciones quirurgicas solo para corregir los pies planos.
With her mom's help, Camilla maintains a written delivery schedule that gets the pies to her clients on time.
Wallace pies proved so popular that the company was eventually taken over by McIntosh of Dyce - but the name Wallace has always been retained.
The pies are available at participating Village Inn and Bakers Square restaurants nationwide.
She dishes out 1,000 pies a week at the shop and made a name for herself last year when she created a giant York Minster out of pork pies, or Pork Minster as it was dubbed, for Yorkshire Day.
The 28-year-old pharmacist from Newcastle said: "We have to give the cake club lots of credit because technically it is the same idea but with pies instead.
Leanne Holcroft, Brand Manager of Holland's Pies explains:
Their pies are on the menu until tomorrow and customers will ultimately choose the recipe with the pie-factor.
MINCE pies today are very different to their original incarnations centuries ago.
To the horror of traditionalists and football fans, soggy, greasy pies are out and "healthier" pies are in.
Solution: Natural Feast's fantastic frozen pies are made with only non-hydrogenated oils and an abundance of flavorful fruit.
And a commitment to selling "fresh" pies - a product to be eaten on the same day as it was made.