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a unit of weight used in some parts of Asia

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Coffee,-- Government * 960,069 piculs 909,959 piculs Private trade * 99,971 " 94,249 " Total 1,060,040 piculs 1,004,208 piculs Sugar, --Government * 831,970 piculs 880,261 piculs Private trade * 372,215 " 368,184 " Total 1,204,185 piculs 1,248,415 piculs Tea.
As Reynolds recalled in his diary, the sandalwood tax ordered "that every man should go to the mountains and get half a picul of Sandlewood [sic] for the government, and half they got over should be their own: the Women to produce tapas [kapa] or mats or a dollar [Spanish dollar], they who choose can pay four dollars as an equivalent for their half picul.
Concerning the price level, the bureau said the average auction price for live pigs was $1,385 per picul for December.
He then washed these himself and gave them back to the servants, not daring to let the Lord of Ten Thousand Piculs hear about it.
2 quintals per hectare (6 piculs per bau), with more than twice that rate in some locations; G.
The seller generally obtains at the rate of 75 to 80 dollars for his Salt per picul by this Singular trade but it is attended with an immense trouble and also very great danger and risk, the Dyers in the neighbourhood often attacking the traders when off their Guard, but they never do [illeg.
It was readily available on the market in Canton in varying qualities for a price of about two tael per picul.
In 1925 Van Setten calculated an annual profit of about f5 per picul (61.
Planters protested when at the beginning of the 1977-78 crop year prices were set up at [pesos]75 per picul (then about 9 cents per pound) which was significantly below production cost.
annual total of 549,500 piculs of sugar in the 1880s, representing 63
Elsewhere the Sarawak Gazette noted that a considerable number of Muruts had between them brought the fairly considerable weight of 35 and 40 piculs of gutta percha to market for trade and that:
In a fourth case five years later, Zhu prosecuted his vice-minister of revenue, Guo Huan, for embezzling millions of piculs of government grain.
The first major sales of certificates in the Ming took place in 1451, 1453, and 1454 with the per certificate price of 5 piculs of rice and having it transported to Guizhou.
Situated on the Grand Canal with ready access to the sea, Tianjin developed rapidly during the fifteenth century as a key link in the grain transport system; three to four million piculs of grain passed through the city annually.