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a unit of weight used in some parts of Asia

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Meanwhile, the district's annual coffee harvest was reported to be 60 to 100 pieul, the price per picul being 20 guilders in silver or a shotgun and two flasks of gunpowder.
As Reynolds recalled in his diary, the sandalwood tax ordered "that every man should go to the mountains and get half a picul of Sandlewood [sic] for the government, and half they got over should be their own: the Women to produce tapas [kapa] or mats or a dollar [Spanish dollar], they who choose can pay four dollars as an equivalent for their half picul." The ali'i also announced for the first time the severity of their debt problem, displaying a number that they had undoubtedly negotiated over many long nights with the American merchants and the visiting naval captain: they owed 15,000 piculs of 'iliahi.
Liu Zongyuan's "Record of Pavilion of Ten Thousand Rocks [or "Piculs"--see below] of Vice-Director Cui in Yongzhou" ("Yongzhou Gui Zhongchen Wanshiting ji" [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) is especially noteworthy for its elaboration of the place name.
When Shi Jian was old and his hair white [his father], the "Lord of Ten Thousand Piculs," was still in good health.
(12) A thang is a measure of volume: 2.5 thangs of paddy have the same mass as a picul, 60 kg.
The seller generally obtains at the rate of 75 to 80 dollars for his Salt per picul by this Singular trade but it is attended with an immense trouble and also very great danger and risk, the Dyers in the neighbourhood often attacking the traders when off their Guard, but they never do [illeg.].
The calculation of the SFDIC's profit is based on an average price of rice in Tonkin in 1902 of 4.57 piastres per picul.
England is identified as the biggest single supplier--19,280 tons in 1903 (or 3,110,000 picul) at a cost of 16 guilders the quintal or 10 guilders the picul.
Warren concludes that 'the collecting and curing of a picul of tripang or a picul of mother-of-pearl shell required the average annual labour of two men for tripang and four men for mother-of-pearl'.
Carletti quotes a price of 90 tael per picul, while Jan Huig van Linschoten indicates 140-145 Pesos de a ocho (approximately 100 tael) per picul for medium-quality and 150 to 170 Pesos for high-quality spun raw silk.
TABLE 2 BORNEO FISHING COMPANY(53) Year Types of fish Products (by weight) Value 1934 Dried and smoked fish 3897.98 3/4 picul 116,940 yen fish shaving 43.42 1/2 picul 652 yen 1938 canned tuna 8379.25 3/4 picul $251,377.73 smoked fish 4015.63 3/4 picul $120,469.13 fish shaving 4.43 1/8 picul $ 66.47 1939 canned tuna 7972.74 picul $239,182.35 tuna liver 15 picul $ 450.00 smoked fish 3500.80 picul $105,024.08 fish shaving 31.60 picul $ 474.11 The company's encouraging growth as shown in 1938 and 1939 prompted the establishment of a branch at Banggi Island in 1938.
23 Between 1910 and 1925 rice exports from Northern Thailand to Burma ranged from 5,000 to 20,000 piculs. A picul is a unit of measurement which was equivalent to 60.48 kilograms until 1923 when it was changed to sixty kilograms.
In 1925 Van Setten calculated an annual profit of about f5 per picul (61.7 kg) of copra or f1 per fruit-bearing coconut palm in a year in Minahassa.(43) The Selayarese were inclined to save part of their wealth, while in Minahassa much of it seems to have been squandered by an excessive level of expenditure, for example through the purchase of cars.