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Synonyms for pictured

seen in the mind as a mental image

represented graphically by sketch or design or lines

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Pictured is Hayley O'Brien, 23, from Ellesmere Port.
Also pictured is Jessi Forster, 24, from Norris Green.
And also pictured is Abbie Leaday, 23, from West Derby.
Police would like to identify the man and woman pictured to assist with the investigation.
Police would like to identify the man pictured to assist with Picture 2: Ref - 0517124384.
Pictured: Nan Goldin, French Chris on the convertible, NYC, 1979, color slide.
* Eric Fischl, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York Pictured: Eric Fischl, Birthday Boy, 1983, oil on canvas, 84 x 108".
Kay Larson (Village Voice) describes the look as either "Late Late Mannerism" or, quoting Chia, "The Last Baroque." Pictured: Sandro Chia, Genova, 1980, oil on canvas, 7'6" x 13'.
Pictured: Gracie Mansion at Steve Lack show, Loo Division, New York, 1981.
A snowy view of Roseberry |Topping from the Stokesley bypass, pictured by Derek Whiting, of Stokesley
Sunset over Swainby, pictured by |Jade Keetley, of Swainby
As one moves between the simple communal life and labor pictured in these paintings and the postindustrial world in which we live, it's hard not to think of "May Day" as an SOS, a c all for help in distress, and one that may not be answered anytime soon.
One woman is pictured as a virginal saint with eyes downcast, cradling a huge bouquet, almost like a religious painting.