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a large window with a single pane (usually overlooking a view)

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Across the ground floor is also a useful utility room office, rear utility room, with door to garden and a shower room Moving up to the first floor, the master bedroom has two picture windows flooding the space with light and access to an en suite dressing room/shower room.
The front-facing guest bedroom has an apex picture window with partial remote control blinds and has an en-suite bathroom with walk-in double shower with waterfall and handheld shower heads.
This has picture windows overlooking the rear garden and surrounding area, a dressing area, built-in storage cupboard with concealed DVD unit, TV and power points.
SHREWSBURY - Four local teenagers who said they were bored caused thousands of dollars of damage when they used BB pistols to shoot out windows in dozens of cars throughout town, as well as a window in a local business and a picture window at a Sinclair Road home, police say.
Stylist Birte Walter, who designed this arrangement, loves how each container becomes like a little terrarium, a picture window into the best that fall has to offer.
Crawford also learned that its "picture window" feature - with 5-inch by 4-inch glass panels on both sides - was rare, making the toaster more valuable.
A new fraud audit standard recently approved by the Auditing Standard Board officially launches the AICPA's anti-fraud program designed to rebuild investor confidence in our capital markets and re-establish audited financial statements as a clear picture window into corporate America.
Then the unthinkable happened--the ax flew out of my sweaty hands and headed straight for the picture window that overlooks the back yard.
Light is filtered throughout the well-designed plan by a picture window in the dining room and two large windows near the fireplace in the great room.
The Levittown ranch house, for instance, was partly based on Frank Lloyd Wright's design concepts: adopting an open interior, opening the front door into the kitchen, placing the fireplace in the center of the home, and putting the living room in the back of the house, with a picture window looking into the backyard.
Wohl challenges (84-86) the assumption that once Brunelleschi had demonstrated linear perspective, paintings were regarded as spatial continua rather than, in the words of Vasari, "planes covered with fields of paint." For Wohl, Italian Renaissance painting was not "a picture window into space." Based upon his interpretation of relevant texts, Wohl's conclusion is that the primary purpose of perspective was not to record space but to render the objects in it in relief, noting that Renaissance writers did not speak of space but of the objects (in that space) which could be seen in various perspectives.
The software program we use to combine negatives is Picture Window, developed by Digital Light & Color in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The facade of the house was almost entirely glazed: a picture window dominated one side, sliding glass doors the other, and, above, vertical plates of glass rose all the way up into the tall peak.
Palmer had a branch circle his yard; he watched it from his picture window take on riders - underwear, beer bottles, the weekly flyer.
My vision was a cabin in the whispering pines, a brook trout stream out back, a field of penstemon and larkspur for the dogs, and a snowy peak to fill the picture window. In a pinch, I'd have settled for a prairie farmhouse with a creek or a marsh and a weed patch for cottontails.