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A flat-panel TV has no glass picture tube and, therefore, no lead (though it still contains mercury and other toxic substances).
The average CRT (the leaded glass picture tube inside the monitor or television) contains 5-8 pounds of lead.
Thanks goes to Philo Farnsworth, who invented the first picture tube in 1927 at the age of 21.
Their design makes them unstable -- most of their weight is located in the front of the picture tube, making them easy to tip forward.
For those who want a more detailed explanation of how a picture tube works read the next few paragraphs, if not, skip down to dot pitch.
Results reflected weak demand, pricing pressures and yield problems in Zenith's color picture tube plant.
Other features of the new 27-inch Zenith NetVision TV include a high-performance chassis with advanced trilingual icon menus, two-tuner picture-in-picture capability, comb filter and Theater Surround Sound, as well as a new Zenith picture tube that is 30 percent flatter than conventional 27-inch screens.
If a low-energy beam of electrons is used, however, it can scan the surface of a sample much as an electron beam scans the picture tube of a television set.
Dot pitch is the amount of space between the individual phosphor dots on the picture tube. The smaller a monitor's dot pitch, the greater its display quality.
Reading this is a must if you plan to buy a humidifier and do not want white deposits on the face of your TV or monitor picture tube.
In the show's final Arrangement, 1992, crushed cinder blocks inside a concrete "well" surrounded a glowing picture tube. The "message" one expected to see in the baleful light never materialized.
Fees will be assessed for televisions and picture tube monitors ($35 for TVs 21 inches and larger, $25 for TVs 20 inches or smaller, and $25 for each picture tube monitor).
More than pounds 20million of public money was invested into the ill-fated Chunghwa picture tube plant in Mossend, Lanarkshire.
The brightness and contrast of the image is also enhanced by a 0.24 grille mask, the dark tint of the picture tube and the use of new OptiClear+ anti-reflection coating.
The Promolux lamps are multicoated with rare earth phosphors that are most often found in television picture tube coating.