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a postcard with a picture on one side

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This heralded an explosion in the production of picture postcards, and the appearance of a new hobby of postcard collecting, practised by "deltiologists".
Between 1898 and 1901, 'private mailing cards' became available, after which date, with the development of cheap lithographic printing processes, a proliferation of commercially produced picture postcards was mass-produced to meet increasing public demand.
The rising popularity of selfies and social media means the humble colour picture postcard is no longer the holiday must-have of yesteryear.
WITH no internet and precious few telephones, the picture postcard was both a novel and efficient way of showing what the folks back home were missing and what a good time you are having (unless, of course, you were up to your neck in muck and bullets in the trenches of the Great War - more of which later).
After the First World War, consumers embraced the saucy cartoons, which many regard as the "golden age of the picture postcard".
She suggests, for example, that "picture postcards had the power not only to reflect popular culture, but also to shape it" (4), an intriguing statement but one that is not followed consistently throughout the book.
The DVD, Newcastle upon Tyne In Old Picture Postcards, is available, along with a host of other great nostalgia titles, from the group's website www.sixtownships.org.uk
"Between 1905-1915, millions of picture postcards were produced, sold and sent to relatives and friends as an essential means of communication, locally and when on holiday.
In those very early days of picture postcards the Post Office only permitted the address to be placed on the reverse with a very brief message being written on the front.
This dazzling photo of the Northern Lights is among the latest picture postcards taken on the International Space Station 250 miles above Earth.
In his book's introduction, co-author Brian Lee wrote: "The beauty of collecting picture postcards is that you can choose your own subject - be it teddy bears or trolley buses.
Though no picture postcards attest to their presence, Berkeley, CA, was once inhabited by Native Americans, then a family who had obtained a land grant from Mexico.
Art & Design in Photoshop tells how to simulate just about anything in Photoshop, from art to graffiti, picture postcards to medieval manuscripts.
"Picture postcards will always beat emails, texts and SMS messages, because they are something that you can hold in your hand and observe close up," she said.