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a metric unit of length equal to one trillionth of a meter

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The expanded uncertainty (coverage factor k = 2) of measurement of the 304 picometer (pm) step height is 8 pm (24, 25).
The gap between the electrodes can be controlled with picometer accuracy due to the very high transmission ratio of the bending mechanism.
Novel features of the microscope include a solid molybdenum body design (made possible by the high-speed machining capabilities at NIST), an integral three-axes positioning system of the sample and tip with picometer precision, optical access to the sample/tip junction, and non-magnetic construction.
FEI designs, manufactures and supports a range of high-performance microscopy workflow solutions that provide images and answers at the micro-, nano- and picometer scales.
Working with one vender, for example, the Bioanalytical Laboratory was able to adapt what was intended to be a distance-measuring device with picometer sensitivity to his or her own needs.
It gives access to measurements of thickness differences in the picometer range.
Luna Technologies, a division of Luna Innovations Incorporated (NASDAQ:LUNA), announces the PHOENIX[TM] 1200 tunable swept laser module with picometer accuracy and the industry's first integrated wavemeter.
The fine temperature resolution typically allows picometer tuning of wavelength.
The SPPE can be adapted to cover a wide range of precision needs ranging from 5 nanometers to less than 10 picometer resolution at attractive price/performance ratios, making the NanoWave SPPE a viable substitute for current position measurement technologies in existing applications.
They enable fast, high-resolution, low-noise measurements with 100 nm/s mode-hop-free tuning, 30 picometer open-loop accuracy, and rugged 24/7 reliability.
4 picometer resolution for continuous performance monitoring of optical DWDM channels.