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a tract of land set aside for picnicking

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By recommending partial closure of the lower part of Las Huertas Canyon and maintaining access to the picnic ground, we had hoped to avoid the extreme situation that resulted in Sabino Canyon.
About 4 miles farther, park at Wigwam Picnic Ground.
The one-time picnic ground sports a large metal sign - apparently used frequently for target practice - that explains California's fault system.
A picnic ground and tree house with a rope swing over a stream are at the far end of the preserve.
It possesses arguably the best picnic ground in the valley, although it doesn't exactly call a lot of attention to the fact.
Just beyond the bridge to the west is a picnic ground, with walking trails along the rim of the gorge.
Although historians are in dispute about the exact site of the Donner families' encampment, a national forest picnic ground occupies a possible site on the shores of Alder Creek, alongside Highway 89 about six miles north of I-80.
The picnic ground (at the east end of the park) is segregated from a campground (at the west end), which is a good thing.
All four friends trotted off to the picnic grounds and set up to enjoy flying their kites.
John Island now provides a different form of healing with its tranquil getaways of fishing spots, trekking routes, soccer fields and picnic grounds.
We kids kept racing around the picnic grounds, as we knew it would be time to leave soon.
The revenue will be used by Navajo chapters to develop community parks, basketball courts, walking, running and bike trails, community gardens, family picnic grounds, and health education classes.
Yountville Veterans Home, Picnic Grounds, Yountville, CA.
The 17th-century Jadhav Kothi was picnic grounds for its Maratha family.
Or buy a bottle to complete a picnic--Indigeny's picnic grounds, with views of orchards and a covered bridge, are so lovely, they may inspire dreams of becoming a cider maker yourself.