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a tract of land set aside for picnicking

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Or perhaps the secret WMD picnic ground is in Syria with the other 5 million Iraq war refugees?
The Wirrabara Picnic Ground, Ippinitchie Campground, King Tree Paddock and the A Plantation are also open.
The group majority then made a formal recommendation to the Forest Service that the lower portion of the road next to the creek be closed, with the remaining portion open as access to a private inholding and a Forest Service picnic ground.
Napay proceeded to the waterfalls area, a known picnic ground, with 20 of his co-workers, some of whom have tried but failed to locate Napay in the waters.
Today's visitors aren't allowed to eat anything within the Place of Refuge, but a wonderful picnic ground can be reached on a short dirt road to the south.
Forest Service's Broken Bowl Picnic Ground on Fall Creek Road.
About 4 miles farther, park at Wigwam Picnic Ground.
Typical of Filipinos' adaptability, residents have converted the dike into a jogging lane, a walking path and a picnic ground complete with an open-air theater.
The one-time picnic ground sports a large metal sign - apparently used frequently for target practice - that explains California's fault system.
A picnic ground and tree house with a rope swing over a stream are at the far end of the preserve.
Barbara Heights Residential Estates, a residential village which features a five-hectare village center with amenities that include a 260-meter swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, children's park and picnic ground overlooking a lake beside the Iloilo Golf and Country Club, known to be Asia's oldest golf course.
of April 19, the 1ST ASMSI Solidarity Race will make the Quezon City Memorial Circle the runner's picnic ground.
It possesses arguably the best picnic ground in the valley, although it doesn't exactly call a lot of attention to the fact.
Just beyond the bridge to the west is a picnic ground, with walking trails along the rim of the gorge.
Although historians are in dispute about the exact site of the Donner families' encampment, a national forest picnic ground occupies a possible site on the shores of Alder Creek, alongside Highway 89 about six miles north of I-80.