picnic area

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a tract of land set aside for picnicking

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The new space, next to the 'Middle Earth' section, has room for gardens of various sizes, a picnic area and 240 trees.
Provision of the service of the picnic area of the Vilanova del Cam river park
Nicola Senior from Yorkshire Water said: "We acknowledge quite a few people will miss the picnic area and the views from the dam, but a construction site can be a dangerous place and public safety is our paramount concern.
The picnic area installed at Meriden Park last year, with furniture made from wood with ceramic mosaics.
``Their previous enclosure was smaller and this one is right opposite the picnic area so visitors can get a great view of the monkeys.
Meet at Errignton Wood picnic area (pounds 1.50 for entry to mill).
The stables are being converted into a reception area, there will be a relocated and improved cafe and shop, a new outdoor event and picnic area, exhibition galleries and a park ranger base.
It's also good to see that they've changed the price of the picnic area back to its original pounds 5 per car and pounds 5 per person.
Coralie Dickinson has a seven-mile walk on January 7 from Broompark picnic area. 10.30am.
Countryside ranger Steve Shippen leads an 11-mile Castleside circular walk from Rowley Station picnic area, near Consett, beginning at 10am on Saturday and lasting five and a half hours.
BETWEEN Bath and Old Sodbury lies a picnic area you may not wish to take the children to this summer.
Police have stepped up patrols and placed warning signs at the Gun Site, a picnic area at North Wirral Coastal Park.
The weather was ideal as the children took their completed kites to the picnic area to get them airborne.
Contract award notice: Construction work on the bus parking and the picnic area of the cit des lectriciens in bruay-la-buissire (3 lots)
A picnic area at Kingsbury Water Park, near Tamworth, was among the spots affected by the worst flooding seen at the site in around 70 years last weekend.