pickup arm

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mechanical device consisting of a light balanced arm that carries the cartridge

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He used spare parts from two old gramophones, including a pickup arm from a 1922 Winner model
In many cases, the understatement or (apparent) slightness of a work is key to its effect--sec here, for instance, Hangar, 2003, in which a model helicopter, grounded on a rotating turntable sunk into the gravel courtyard, desultorily flips a small weed with its tail, comically infitating the pathetic stasis of a pickup arm skipping on a scratched record.
The automation system loads samples with a pickup arm, placing them between two layers of film in the RPA 2000 test cavity.
Smith then allegedly got out of the pickup armed with a firearm.
By then, the 201 boasted record changers capable of playing records of all sizes and lightweight pickup arms, the first to use magnetic cartridges.