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a person who is picnicking


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With biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery, picknickers can enjoy eating outdoors without leaving a lasting reminder in the local landfill.
His vantage point is a useful one, as for most of the crowd, except those perched on the odd rocky outcrop, the far side of the course is but a rumour, obscured by picknickers. They can see the most spectacular rolling scenery all around, but only in their imaginations does the hurly burly of the mid-race period exist.
There will be entertainment on a Victorian theme for picknickers before the concert, which starts at 8.15pm and, with England kicking off their World Cup quarter-final just hours before, the flag-waving could be more exuberant than ever.
From a happy family of picknickers on the cliffs above Marloes Sands, to the weathered face of an oyster fisherman on the Fal Estuary, these photographs are designed to inform the reader rather than inspire.
The drama unfolded at about 1pm after the picknickers left Nantmor car park and set off up the steep, wooded crag above Aberglaslyn Pass.
The cost of hiring a bike - and one with full suspension to cope with the rugged terrain - was a very reasonable pounds 9 a day and taking one of the well-marked trails through the tree line and above the waterfalls was a great way of seeing the beauty of the lower regions, where even the plant life around the picnic areas is neatly labelled so picknickers can spot the varieties.
Picknickers are tuning in and most say that it works well.
At the annual Coast Week cleanups on Cape Cod, workers collect hundreds of pounds per square mile of plastic utensils, fishing gear, and other debris that is either left behind by picknickers or dumped overboard by boaters.
The report also noted that "negligence" was the biggest cause of the fires, adding cigarettes not crushed out and fires set off by picknickers and shepherds caused a major part of the forest fires.