pickled herring

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herring preserved in a pickling liquid (usually brine or vinegar)

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But there's always pickled salmon, pickled herring, pickled black cod, plus Scandinavian foods.
In Sweden I enjoyed reindeer meat, lots of salmon, pickled herring (which Taylor in his show said he never used to like) and pears that grow inside bottles and which would hold peach liqueur.
The average visitor to Denmark is not likely to eat at Noma--reservations are almost impossible to get and prices are high even by Danish standards--but there are countless opportunities throughout the country to enjoy traditional and New Nordic Danish dishes ranging from the world-renowned wienerbrod pastry to rye bread topped with pickled herring.
Chunks of Ukrainian-style, lightly salted bryndza cheese; pickled herring or lox; lemony tahini and a bowl of sweet Iraqi date molasses might follow.
The only fish people eat is pickled herring with cream, onions and olives, or raisins, and this is because it was stored and pickled for colder months," adds Joanna.
All you need for a touch of authenticity while at your computer is a curry, burger, pickled herring, umbrella cocktail or a pint of Guinness.
2 cups diced pickled herring, a few pieces reserved 3 medium potatoes, peeled, boiled and diced 1/2 cup diced carrots 1 medium onion, chopped 1/2 cup finely chopped sweet gherkin pickles 4 hard-boiled eggs, 2 chopped, the other 2 quartered and reserved for garnish 1 cup sour cream 1 tablespoon wine vinegar 2 tablespoons hot prepared mustard 1 teaspoon sugar 1 cup diced cooked beets 3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill [1] In large mixing bowl, place herring, potatoes, carrots, onion, pickles and chopped eggs.
These foods include strong, aged cheeses, beef or chicken liver, dry sausage, caviar, dried or pickled herring, anchovies, and tenderized meats.
You could buy pickled herring on the Internet right now.
Hungover Germans saddle up to katerfruhstuck, or "hangoverbreakfast," which comprises a raw, pickled herring wrapped around pieces of gherkin and onion.
A Dutch woman who lived to 115 years old credited her longevity to pickled herring, refraining from smoking and limiting alcohol.
Goods on sale at the 60 or so stalls include crafts and knitwear while restaurants serve Swedish fare such as salmon, pickled herring and, of course, meatballs.
A beef heart cut in small bite-size pieces and thus prepared makes a good snack, like pickled herring.
Refreshed by a breakfast of pickled herring gently flavoured with blackcurrants (there are yoghurts and hot options, too), I took a small orange-coloured car ferry to the island of Flaton for a 'lobster safari'.