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(used of foods) preserved in a pickling liquid

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either they put it in preserve or they do it pickled,' he says, noting that typically fish and meat would be preserved in salt.
Make a brine (see Spiced pickled shallots recipe), then add the beans.
You can try fried beer pickles, bread and butter pickles with a veggie burger and pickled carrots, all freshly and locally produced.
Then Breidt moved on to the acidified, shelf-stable, pickled vegetables, like peppers and okra, which do not undergo pasteurization because they would fall apart in the heat.
Buffstar Apparently Brummies are amongst the nation's biggest pickled onion fans.
For the pickled mackerel terrine: In small saucepan, heat apple
According to Barry: "I have never needed to buy pickled onions as I have been faithfully following a recipe handed down to me by my mother, who received it from her own mother, who in turn got given it by her mother.
Other fruits and vegetables can be pickled, but only cucumbers are marketed as pickles.
Kool-Aid is the explanation, and kids from Texas to Mississippi are scarfing down these specially pickled pickles.
There's no doubt about it--consumers love pickled onions.
Researchers found that turmeric prevented formation of aldehydes--compounds that cause oxidative off-flavors in pickled cucumbers--when the pickles were packaged under conditions that simulated plastic containment over time.
Actually any type of cucumber or just about any vegetable could be pickled.
In response to Anne Shephard's request for a pickled salmon, a couple of readers sent along the following recipes.
industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing canned, pickled, and brined fruits and vegetables.
This annual 5-hour long extravaganza, held in LES since the late 1990s, "is a neighborhood-wide celebration of all things pickled," where Orchard and Delancey "streets come alive with internationally renowned picklers, local vendors, live music, and activities[and draw] enthusiasts from 'round the globe to remember their pickled roots