pickle barrel

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a barrel holding vinegar in which cucumbers are pickled

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One unintentional benefit of these wooden pickle barrels was a kind of olfactory come-on.
The owner of the point told us when he bought the property years ago, he removed the remnants of the old pickle barrels Mac and company used in those bygone days.
Legend has it that a sinister innkeeper captured two hapless children and imprisoned them inside a pickle barrel.
Everyone woke up too late, and South Africa found itself in a pickle barrel: its neighbours started waving contracts with price-stability clauses, as did big industry lured years ago to investing in South Africa by promises of sustainable cheap power.
Sion's next chapter is entitled, "Top Secret Bombsight: Hitting the Pickle Barrel." The Norden was never Top Secret--this comes from a lot of popular hype.
She had modified a pickle barrel, put an anvil in to weigh it down, padded herself with cushions and became the first person to survive the trip.
She quickly meets up with another castaway, a suicidal alcoholic lugging a huge wooden pickle barrel to the falls, played with much poignancy by Nancy Robinette.
We did find two restaurants (The Bent Elbow and The Pickle Barrel) that were wheelchair-accessible, but their rest rooms were not.
(2) Ed Markey meets volunteers and supporters Monday in Worcester at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant & Delicatessen, 315 Pleasant St.
She had been educated in Gardner Schools and was a waitress at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant in Worcester for 30 years.
A man by the name of Morris the Florist who was pushing a pushcart is now moaning while lying headfirst in a pickle barrel, and a giant truck is looming nearby with a driver by the name of Mack Snickering.
Virginia enjoyed attending flea markets, eating at the Pickle Barrel, watching T.V.
Before that she worked at the Pickle Barrel and Barber's Crossing.
Whenever Connolly was interviewed around that time, he'd make a point of mentioning the Pickle Barrel on Pleasant Street.