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Synonyms for picking

the quantity of a crop that is harvested


the act of picking (crops or fruit or hops etc

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about 50 percent cotton bolls had opened in the field before starting picking them so that impurities free picking of cotton could be made.
Pick and pack, sometimes also referred to as cluster picking, is the ability to pick order items directly into a despatch container (eg cardboard box) which can then be labelled, sealed and despatched after picking to eliminate a separate packing stage.
In theory, automated picking technologies improve picking accuracy, reduce labor costs and improve order turn-around times.
Annie and Isaiah Perkinson offer strawberries and blueberries for your picking pleasure.
They know full well what their hopes are for the draft, but they try their best to not say anything that would give away their plans to other teams picking ahead of them.
Since you have made it obvious that you are going for the out at 3rd, the runner will be encouraged to increase his secondary lead - bettering your chances of picking him off.
Investing Systems announced the launch of their "Buy One - Give One Free" holiday promotion on their best selling stock picking software.
This is the earliest we've ever started picking,'' Hobart said Tuesday.
Proven picking methods and equipment team up for high-throughput handling at this medium-volume facility
Picking six consecutive winners on a football parlay card typically returns $40 for your $1 bet.
1 supports light directed picking (pick-to-light and put-to-light), voice directed picking, pick carts, as well as RF (radio frequency) directed picking through a single software platform.
When it came time for us to draft, there was a question about a spur-of-the-moment picking of (Chris Wilcos).
None of the fruit is like what's in the stores,'' said Davies as her picking pole snared a grapefruit, half the size of those in markets.