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Synonyms for picking

the quantity of a crop that is harvested


the act of picking (crops or fruit or hops etc

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Adrian Kumar, Vice President of Solutions Design with DHL Supply Chain, discussed the emerging role of collaborative robots and warehouse picking strategies at the 2019 WERC Annual Conference today in Columbus, OH.
"Center Road" sticks with the chalky theme of this year's tournament with his/her Sweet 16 picks, picking the eight higher-seeded teams to win.
Picking: Orders drop into the WMS system, which features a line-load allocation process so that work is spread across the three pick lines.
In a statement issued here, the CCRI Multan director said that careless picking of cotton may compromise quality and result in lower returns from the market.
Cotton Inspector Malik Kaleemullah advised the participants to perform cotton picking from 10am
KARACHI -- All six franchises of Pakistan Super League completed their team line-up on Sunday after picking players in six different categories to complete the squad of 20.
The forward pick area represents pickable SKUs in a smaller footprint than reserve storage so as to facilitate productive picking with minimal travel distance.
Woolworths is the first and only supermarket to provide such a service nationally with over 670 stores added as collection points in the last month alone, and more than 4,500 personal shoppers picking and packing customer groceries in stores.
In a deal that won't be final until Monday, the 76ers dove in head first and shook things up by picking up the first pick.
Out of the 50 Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals players available for the draft, 10 were picked with each team picking up five.
Now there is a pick that combines a comfortable and size adjustable finger pick attachment with a flat pick so the 1 piece nylon guitar pick attaches to the index finger on the picking hand and stays in the proper picking position at all times (Patent pending).
The new features have been added to meet higher demand from existing customers and new business prospects, reflecting the increased use of this picking practice in retail distribution and Internet fulfilment operation.
Controlling for those factors, the authors find that differences in return are mostly due to stock picking.
Bringing together seven regional warehouses into one central warehouse in Odense, Denmark, equipped with state-of-the-art order picking processes, was no easy task--after an international invitation to tender, the contract was awarded to SS Schaefer.
Q What can I do to get my three-year-old daughter to stop picking at her scabs?