picket ship

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a ship serving as a picket

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Kamikazes, Corsairs, and Picket Ships: Okinawa, 1945.
Like aircraft carriers, faculty "need picket ships and supply lines.
Picket ships served as perimeter defense to high value targets such as aircraft carriers, battleships and troop transports.
Interior rooms have recently been redone with exhibits on Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and radar picket ships (featuring a mock radar room).
of Aviation Ordnancemen: Dennis Costa (619) 435-3757; e-mail: aocm@aol.com LST-786: Brien Mathews (315) 592-2198 YAGR's (radar picket ships): Harry Miller (401) 724-7278; e-mail: yagr@msn.com MARINE CORPS 6th Mar Div: Vince Mathews (651) 455-6700 Assn.