picket fence

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a fence made of upright pickets


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Stereotypes aside, a picket fence can often be built for containing or excluding small mammals if built right.
They live there, whereas Todd Rodman, the lawyer for White Picket Fence LLC, does not.
The other day, while I was out walking my dogs in our neighborhood, I went down a street I do not usually walk on and was surprised by a white picket fence I noticed around a nice apartment block.
Unmarried black parents frequently say they want to get married, but first need to get a decent job and save enough money to buy the proverbial house with a white picket fence, Sara McLanahan of Princeton University reported August 12.
THE PICKET FENCE has been a country farm to manor estate mainstay of the American landscape since before the American Revolutionary War.
The sequence shows two boys painting a white picket fence with the Google logo in the centre, before they celebrate their creation in the screen's right hand side.
People still do want that white picket fence, but sometimes it's OK to rent that fence instead of owning it," Alford said.
A group of Studley professionals became Tom Sawyers by painting the picket fence that surrounds a Newark playground.
Go back 100 years and you would probably have been limited to a post and rail or picket fence or concrete posts and wire, unless you could afford to build a wall or you planted a hedge instead.
I don't have any kids or a white picket fence, so I'm just skating and living.
To his surprise he finds the planet inhabited by little green people who are happily living in a white picket fence world.
Am I allowed to put up a 3ft picket fence around it to keep animals and children out?
Soon after, sawn wood became available and the white picket fence was born.
Along each edge of the gardens, a green picket Fence or hedge, meanders aimlessly, to please
One of our neighbors hired a professional decorator to line their picket fence with lights and spell out NOEL in white on the lawn.