picket fence

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a fence made of upright pickets


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Stereotypes aside, a picket fence can often be built for containing or excluding small mammals if built right.
They live there, whereas Todd Rodman, the lawyer for White Picket Fence LLC, does not.
Every American was encouraged to perceive the hallmark of success as something along the lines of having a house, a white picket fence, two weeks' vacation, two children and the ability to send those kids to college.
Go back 100 years and you would probably have been limited to a post and rail or picket fence or concrete posts and wire, unless you could afford to build a wall or you planted a hedge instead.
I don't have any kids or a white picket fence, so I'm just skating and living.
To his surprise he finds the planet inhabited by little green people who are happily living in a white picket fence world.
Am I allowed to put up a 3ft picket fence around it to keep animals and children out?
Soon after, sawn wood became available and the white picket fence was born.
Along each edge of the gardens, a green picket Fence or hedge, meanders aimlessly, to please
One of our neighbors hired a professional decorator to line their picket fence with lights and spell out NOEL in white on the lawn.
Gurda, who hails from a long line of Polish immigrants who used to inhabit the white picket fence homes, ornate churches and crowded streets now occupied by Mexican immigrants of Milwaukee's South Side, points to the similar roles played by 19th-and early 20th-century Polish and present-day Mexican newspapers and associations.
The words of their name, rendered as mock-monumental yellow stone, rise skyward from a stadium walled by a picket fence and are topped by scrappy cartoon depictions of the band members.
Joe Van Der Katt And The Great Picket Fence is a fun story filled with puns, jokes and colorful drawings.
At first we are mere observers of this quiet scene, kept at a distance by the large green shrub, the red picket fence, the strong vertical tree trunks framing a vague image in the background.
Both ladder and picket fence orientations can be automatically monitored to a predetermined tolerance.