picket fence

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a fence made of upright pickets


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This year, packet pickup will be at Picket Fence Realty, 113 S.
Authors of a new study published in AGU's journal Geophysical Research Letters analyzed satellite data and ground images of STEVE events and conclude that the reddish arc and green picket fence are two distinct phenomena arising from different processes.
Overhead footage from a news helicopter showed a white van that apparently knocked down a white picket fence around the outdoor dining area of a restaurant -- known as The Fish Spot -- before stopping on a sidewalk.
That tattoo of barbed wire might look good when you're in your 20s but by the time you're my age it looks more like a picket fence.
The items, including cups of tea and cake, red and white bunting and Corgis dogs, have been carefully placed on a white picket fence close to the platform.
Stereotypes aside, a picket fence can often be built for containing or excluding small mammals if built right.
The free attraction, which will be made up of sand area, surrounded by decking boards and a white picket fence, will open next to the play area in the park from Thursday, July 23, to Thursday, September 3.
She sees parallels between the apartment industry and Zipcar, both of which go against the old idea of the American Dream--owning a house, a car, a picket fence.
The article in the Telegram & Gazette on March 27, "27 apartments planned at former school,'' notes that by a unanimous vote the Worcester Planning Board granted a special permit to White Picket Fence LLC to convert the school into 27 apartments with a 54-space parking lot.
The home's front porch and white picket fence were damaged and a front window was broken.
Inside a specially-constructed picket fence, last week's Fruits of the Earth Day saw the children sowing seeds and making bird feeders from recycled materials.
The other day, while I was out walking my dogs in our neighborhood, I went down a street I do not usually walk on and was surprised by a white picket fence I noticed around a nice apartment block.
He said his father initially laid claim to the land by erecting a small picket fence and it was in the Ronnie Scott's era that he turned it into more of a feature with higher fencing and lighting.
Unmarried black parents frequently say they want to get married, but first need to get a decent job and save enough money to buy the proverbial house with a white picket fence, Sara McLanahan of Princeton University reported August 12.
"In many cases, the American dream is no longer the white picket fence, but the five to 10 acres behind the white picket fence," he says.