picket boat

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a boat serving as a picket

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After saving five non-swimmers, he was taken aboard a French picket boat, having been in the water fully an hour, swimming hard and fighting against great difficulties always.
As an audacious publicity stunt, and in front of the Prince of Wales, Lords of the Admiralty and foreign dignitaries, Turbinia raced between two lines of large ships and steamed up and down in front of the crowd and princes with impunity, while easily evading a Navy picket boat that tried to stop her.
Most assuredly, he knew, harbor patrol and picket boats would be among the mix, tearing their hair out trying to weed out the good boats from the bad.
But in the pre-dawn hours on April 18, Japanese picket boats sited the ships.
Japan had gotten wind that an American operation directed at the home islands was afoot and a string of Japanese picket boats had been dispatched eastward into the Pacific to act as an early warning system.