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Synonyms for picker

a person who chooses or selects out

someone who gathers crops or fruits etc

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The hoppers were divided into bin companies of ten pickers, not counting children, and Athelny loudly boasted of the day when he would have a company consisting entirely of his own family.
This solution has low capital cost and is flexible, but relies on the productivity of the picker and their skill with the device, as well as the possibility of a long cycle time to complete.
Representation of 5 trade union including Matair, Bhanoth, Meeabnpur, Peer Bux Kaka, Jamal Dahri, Shabana Keerio, Shamim, Maher-un-Nisa shared their views that when women cotton picker suffer from heatstroke and any health hazard there is not any support mechanism is provided growers and even not water so experience lot of problems, issues in wage calculation and no payment on time are also key problems.
California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Picker said that the regulator intends to examine PG&E's corporate structure and governance, with an eye toward determining whether the utility owner should be broken up, Bloomberg reports.
In this application, DHL is using what Adrian Kumar, vice president of solutions design, describes as a swarming approach: Instead of assigning a robot to a picker, associates remain in their area of a pick zone; the robots, meanwhile, are free agents that are directed by the warehouse management system (WMS).
Ergonomic and safe, the Towable Order Picker Trailer is offered as an alternative to picking with pallets and static orderpickers.
But Nondeyi does not work in a law firm or court he is a waste picker. Cindy Govender explains.
London, United Kingdom, November 28, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Two London entrepreneurs are seeking to revolutionize the dining experience with Wine Picker, an app that suggests the best wines at any given restaurant at an instant.
After he spent three days on his makeshift perch in the tree, his owner, Zahra Latif, 23, hired the cherry picker hydraulic platform to get her flyaway pet back.
One of two new sprue pickers from Wittmann is the WP80 with new Net8 controller, which replaces the previous SA7 picker control.
Designed with craft brewers, small wineries and distilleries in mind, the EZ Picker is engineered for quick and easy handling of glass bottles.
Standard-Knapp of Portland, CT has announced the manufacture of the EZ Picker, described as an economical new bottle-handling tool.
Sudhano Mondal who has been working as a rag picker for the last 14 years, said that though he is aware of the hazards of working in a dump yard, he doesn't have an alternative.
Picking movies is a perilous job, as I was reminded in reading a candid new memoir, "Musts, Maybes and Nevers," by David Picker, a savvy executive who presided over the slates of United Artists, Warner Bros.
Employment of these people lasts for a year and a day when they will be given a certificate NVQ level 1, which means they would now be qualified, waste service litter picker operatives.