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a spiked helmet worn by German soldiers

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The man who was later to appear wearing a fearsome Pickelhaube had never served in the regular army, only in the reserves, and the army only agreed after he argued that nobody would take him seriously without a proper military rank.
Iii wartime images, lie invariably wears a spiked helmet or pickelhaube (which German soldiers stopped wearing soon after the war began) and leers as he clambers through a bedroom window or hoists a bayoneted child over his head.
In the image, however, Dreyfus is rendered as a typical symbolic Jew, complete with the headdress of the "foreign traitor"--the Prussian pickelhaube. He is marked across his forehead with "traitre," and he is the size of a common rodent.
This reproduction was manufactured exclusively for IMA; a stunning Imperial German Prussian Pickelhaube helmet is handcrafted of genuine leather with authentic brass hardware, featuring brass constructed; Prussian eagle helmet plate, chinstrap clutches, peakmount, removable spike, and a soft leather liner.
The spike on his Pickelhaube has a ball attached (can't have sharp points around a blimp you know); and in the holster on his belt, this very pistol!
In this, a giant Bismarck, dressed as a circus acrobat and wearing a pickelhaube helmet, balances on the globe with one foot in France and the other in Prussia.
42 What would one once have done with a pickelhaube?
German souvenirs that ordinarily would have been obtained only through bloodshed--such as spiked pickelhaube helmets, or Gott mit uns belt buckles--were bartered for similar British trinkets.
When people stand up and speak, they put a pickelhaube (that's one of those pointed Prussian hats) on their head."
An elaborate dome-shaped Stieda body resembling Die Pickelhaube (spike of a German World War I helmet); buttonlike process at end of sporocyst opposite the Stieda body.
| WHAT...was a Pickelhaube? | WHERE...in the US is the city of Reno, the casino and divorce hub?
The 43-year-old Airbus fitter has been collecting medals and militaria, uniforms, German spiked Pickelhaube helmets, and historic weapons since he was a boy.
Perhaps the Iron Duke will don a pickelhaube if Leverkusen win, or be decked out in a matador's hat if Real take the trophy.