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a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends


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She said that the broken locks were on the ground together with a screwdriver, hammer and pickaxe that didn't belong to him.
As Airey fled, Alf went outside and waited with the pickaxe.
The owner pointed his gun at his bedroom door when he saw the end of the pickaxe smash through it.
The defendant picked up a pickaxe handle and hit him on the back of the head, causing a laceration.
A FORMER petsitter who hit his neighbour with a pickaxe handle in a row over a dog has narrowly avoided prison.
I didn't wear one because if you are swinging a pickaxe or a sledgehammer they are very restrictive" One-time TV celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock
I didn't wear one because if you are swinging a pickaxe or a sledgehammer they are very restrictive" TV gardener Charlie Dimmock "Just because you happen to enjoy dressing well doesn't mean you are an idiot" American Vogue editor-inchief Anna Wintour.
Mr Clarkson told The Sun the mob shouted "burn their cars" and tried to attack them with pickaxe handles.
They were trying to attack us with pickaxe handles.
He said it was lit with 100-watt bulbs, and had "an internal ventilation system, exposed internal wiring, and miscellaneous drilling tools, such a shovels, picks, a pickaxe and wheelbarrows.
Nottingham Crown Court heard she then attacked him with a pickaxe.
A MAN who broke a youth's arm with a pickaxe handle has been spared jail after a court heard his family had been "forced from their home" by anti-social behaviour.
In Hans-Ulrich Treichel's short work Der Papst, den ich gekannt habe (The pope I knew), we are treated to the reminiscences of a nameless polyglot zoology graduate and doctor of philosophy who is languishing in prison because he was caught attacking some German shrubbery with a pickaxe.
One hit the man over the back of the head with a pickaxe and then stole the car.
Police discovered a pickaxe handle and blood splattered in the flat after Mr McGreevy was bludgeoned about the head.