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A pickax and spade were lying in the bottom of the boat, with a dark lantern, and a stone bottle of good Dutch courage,[1] in which honest Sam no doubt put even more faith than Dr.
He then ordered Sam to seize the pickax and proceed to work.
"With scythes, pikes, hackbuts, pickaxes. All sorts of very violent weapons."
Last year Clay pleaded no contest to a felony vandalism charge for smashing President Trump's Walk of Fame star with a pickax.
Her husband, John Leiberg, was a Swedish immigrant and self-taught naturalist who transformed himself from pickax Idaho prospector to special field agent for the US Forest Commission and warned Washington DC of ecological devastation of public lands.
It would consist of tomatoes, squash and cucumbers and the only financial investment required was for them to get a wheelbarrow, a pickax and a spade.
The murder weapons wielded in this short, unsettling novel include a pickax, a book of matches, bare hands, and an array of firearms.
The initiative by the city council of West Hollywood comes less than two weeks after the star was vandalized by a man with a pickax.
Chamber President Leron Gubler tells the Los Angeles Times the chamber has never removed a star because each is considered part of the walk's "historic fabric." The council vote came after a man used a pickax to destroy the star last month and was charged with a felony count of vandalism.
Back in October 26, 2016, Otis dressed up as a construction-worker used a sledgehammer and pickax to vandalise the star.
He was ambushed and attacked with a knife, a pickax, and a fan.
If your readers will not be turned off by descriptions of corpses' remains as salsa and the types of gouges a pickax leaves in ones' head, then this book is a suggested purchase to fill those extreme horror-genre holes in your collection.
He asks for money and presents the producer not with a script, but with the diary of Noelle Dixon, a teenager killed by a pickax to the head.
Failing to dispatch the two men with his revolver, he grabbed a pickax lying nearby and managed to kill them both.