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a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends


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The book relies on a great deal of grisly description in creating its horror, whether it is a pickax to the head or the blinding of a small cat.
I struck Jorge in the head with all my strength, using the point of the pickax.
His pickax, if you will, is some language in his sales contract--a simple paragraph that lets the company use the client's name, project, and testimonial in marketing and advertising.
All this to fit into a shoe that looks like a pickax.
mystery series, lives in Pickax with his feline assistants, Koko and Yum Yum.
I left Dad tick, ticking into hard ground with a pickax.
Hess questions the pickax approach as a half-measure that cannot compel change or" alter the incentives that drive educational performance:" He likewise questions the workability and desire-ability of the alternative approach of "unchaining the bulldozer," or moving to a ruthless competitive system oriented toward coercive accountability and other extrinsic incentives.
YOU'LL DESTROY IT," WARNS THE OLD MAN, WATCHING his grandson smash a pickax into the dirt on a road in the desolate mountains above Real de Catorce.
Consider Karla Faye Tucker, the drug-addicted pickax killer whose claim that she had become a born-again Christian in jail won unusual allies in her campaign for clemency last year.
We were in the front with pickax, and those with shovels were behind.
Sharp is the sound of the pickax that hurts dead iron; still, it's gentler than what we've been told or have said ourselves.
Kathryn Winograd uses a pickax to excavate old pains and buried memories as part of a personal reclamation project in this collection of essays.
A 34-year-old Springfield man was charged with attempted murder after allegedly attacking two women with a pickax outside his home Tuesday afternoon, police said.
CHARLTON - A 30-year-old man allegedly slashed a man with a pickax and threw bleach in his face during an attack.
By hand, with a blunted pickax, a plastic bucket, and a sledge-- a