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DEREK Slack Motors has welcomed Jay Davidson, above, who joins the team as Isuzu pick-up professional.
These pick-ups do more than just weather all sorts of terrain.
These days if you had a Vanguard pick-up in the garage you would be quids-in because there were not many of them, the RAF being a main customer.
Mahindra and Mahindra (NSE: M&M), an India-based automaker, has launched its range of SUVs and pick-ups in Kenya.
District of Columbia, Washington DC: Free curbside pick-ups will run January 3-14, 2012.
The earlier pick-ups, powered by India-made diesel engines, were based on the Scorpio model.
These pick-ups come with a manufacturer warranty of three years or 60,000kms and also include a service package for the same period with no extra charge.
BCA says double cab pick-ups are extremely popular, especially with self-employed owner-operators who need to be mobile every day, despite the weather, and who also use the vehicles for family travel.
The UK will be the only market to get the new range-topping version of the revised pick-ups, which has a more powerful turbodiesel engine, a new automatic transmission, and additional equipment.
The top-selling pick-up in the UK is the Mitsubishi L200 which comes in 4Work or 4Life ranges for business use and Warrior, Animal and Elegance as lifestyle alternatives.
UK pick-up sales are around 15,000 a year and climbing.
But with light truck sales approaching half of the US market, Asian and European manufacturers are aggressively going after a larger piece of the pie, starting with that most American of open-road chariots: the full-size pick-up truck.
NISSAN has announced that its new Navara pick-up will go on sale here in January with prices from just under PS18,500 and a specification that will rival that of a conventional car.
AN extreme version of Volkswagen's Amarok pick-up, designed specially for the sport of freestyle kayaking, has been unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show.
The first vehicle to arrive this month will be the Steed four-door double cab pick-up with a 2 litre common rail turbo diesel engine.