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a baseball play in which a base runner is caught off base and tagged out

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“Complete with its own carry bag for ease of transport, use and storage, the pole is lightweight and portable, and ideal for use in pick-off operations,” said Rick Millar, Technical Manager with Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand.
Deception is a great key in developing successful pick-off plays.
Once a pick-off play begins it must be executed quickly.
This stacker is at the end of the batch off system and accepts stock from the cooling rack drive section manually or with an automatic pick-off. The module consists of a structural steel frame, a wigwag pendulum basket driven by a variable speed AC motor, two independent press-down devices and a hydraulic lift platform.
Raven also has two motorized pick-off arms for observing targets, each with a field of view of 4 arcseconds.
The catcher's pick-off throw to the second baseman covering first passes close to the charging first baseman, who must ignore it as if the ball wasn't there.
The text is full of great little insights like working file count in close ball games, pick-off variations, preparing mentally between starts, etc.
A 3/4-inch "pick-off" mirror directs starlight from the periphery of the telescope's field to a guiding eyepiece or CCD autoguider.
AS BASEBALL COACHES, all of us have won or lost games by the way we implemented our critical bunt and pick-off situations.
Decoy or set-up move -- designed only to drive the runner back and deceive him about the quality of the pitcher's real pick-off move.
When should the pitcher use the inside pick-off move to 2nd base?
Catcher receives a pitch from the pitcher and throws to the 1st baseman as for a pick-off play.
"Third time up - singled, drew several pick-off attempts, then suddenly broke for second, confusing the pitcher into throwing wild, enabling Campaneris to come all the way around.
There is no need to run through all the signs or to repeat a signal, after a pick-off attempt.
Four pick-off moves that can make first base a nightmare for the baserunner.