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Pinch out the tips of trailing plants in hanging baskets to make them branch out and pick off dead flowers ?
Greenfly and blackfly are more difficult to pick off or dispose of manually, but there are plenty of sprays around that will get rid of them quickly.
Continue to pick off slugs and snails in the early evening or after rainfall, to stop them doing further damage ?
Pick off any strawberries showing signs of botrytis (grey mould) and put them in the dustbin to prevent the spores from re-infecting others.
If too much fruit results, pick off some while still small to let the rest develop to proper size.
The pitcher makes the pick off attempt while he is dropping his hands down to his set position.
TOUGH PICK off malformed, damaged and diseased fruits that are forming on apple trees.
Pick off dead flowerheads from spring flowering bulbs like daffodils.
Snipers and irregulars were always ready to pick off careless Union scouts, and many Southern women defended their homes with fierceness and pride.