pick off

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  • verb

Synonyms for pick off

shoot one by one

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pull or pull out sharply

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PICK off faded flowers to stop bedding plants setting seed and to encourage new shoots and blooms during the rest of the summer.
As the battle moved higher into the mountains, Japanese machine gun crews intensified efforts to pick off the advancing troops and those attempting to re-supply them.
If you do not pick off the runner, you will at least shorten his lead on the following pitch and increase your chances of getting the force at 3rd.
They would take to the hills and pick off enemies as they have always defeated invaders.
If you are but one of a cluster at the end, Con Edison will help by going around and trying to pick off the entire group through marketing efforts - and your Conversion Cost Incentive will be reflective of where you are, and whether or not your whole cluster exits the DC system.