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''I can pick apart the race 100 different ways, but just getting in the water and racing was something I was looking forward to.''
The senior Conservative attempted to pick apart the case for Scotland becoming a state in its own right during a speech to an invited audience in Edinburgh, which included consular representatives from other nations.
While promoting the newest version of the shoot-'em-up action franchise Die Hard, Willis remarked, "You can't start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that its all going to become undone.
But they gave up hope of finding any more survivors a week ago and are now using heavy machinery to pick apart the ruins and uncover the bodies buried inside, CNN reported.
Getting pressure on the opposing quarterback is a key part of the Rams' game plan and coaches much less smart than Jeff Fisher know that it makes sense to give Brady as little time as possible to pick apart your defence.
The Call Me Maybe singer added that her mother also has a passion for music: "My mom is the type of woman to sit me down and make me listen to an entire Leonard Cohen record and pick apart the lyrics and try to figure out what it all means."
In the light of a pregnancy, a faithless couple pick apart their relationship, stitch by painful stitch.