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The Call Me Maybe singer added that her mother also has a passion for music: "My mom is the type of woman to sit me down and make me listen to an entire Leonard Cohen record and pick apart the lyrics and try to figure out what it all means.
Over the next 10 weeks we'll see her pick apart the case as she rushes to find the culprit before he (or she) strikes again.
The intention is to pick apart News International's position rather than take potshots at a man who has polarised public opinion for decades.
More research is planned to pick apart the complexities of teens' actions.
Vatican officials, historians, and theologians pick apart the flaws in the "Da Vinci Code phenomenon", in this sober rebuttal to popular culture's attacks on Vatican tradition.
I SHARE Duncan Ross' delight in seeing Mail readers pick apart the flimsy credentials of those declaring themselves a candidate for the non-existent post of city mayor (Mail, May 7).
It was enough for Kwame Brown to call out his teammates after watching Raymond Felton and Okafor pick apart the Lakers in the first overtime of Friday night's three-overtime loss to the Bobcats.
Individuals within the Institute itself constantly pick apart each other's initiatives, including their leader's own infatuation with target zones.
But when chemists want to pick apart and quantify the various components of a complex mixture, a combination of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry remains the gold standard, says Suslick.