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a small flute

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Putting glass panels every 50ft (15.2m) or so was considered, but it could not be done, according to Mr Piccolo. The final design was for jet bridges with two windows at one end (tunnel A) and two at the other end (tunnel C), each around 5ft (1.5m) wide and 8ft (2.4m) high.
The Amplatzer Piccolo Occluder, which was developed by the healthcare company Abbott, is a self-expanding, wire mesh device inserted through a small incision in the leg and guided through vessels to the heart, where it is placed to seal the opening of the heart.
Her friend Helen Howden added: "For special occasions you had to come to the Piccolo Mondo."
For the past years, piccolo had been the primary contributor to fireworks-related injuries, victimizing mostly children.
Piccolo is a member of the Nebraska County Judges Association and serves as a judicial member of the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts.
Piccolo was in his fourth season when a chest x-ray revealed a malignancy.
Signore Piccolo would now appear to hold major claims of victory in the Armstrong Memorial Handicap over six furlongs.
Ripon Racecourse, where Signore Piccolo can be a winner today
Q On our walk around the block each day, my Shih Tzus can't stop to smell the roses or whatever other scents they like, because Piccolo, who's 9 years old, mounts the newcomer, Cello, who's 5 months old.
A lot of attacks on lightweight block cipher by using biclique have been published, such as Piccolo [2], IDEA [3], HIGHT [4, 5], LED [6], PRESENT [7, 8], TWINE [9,10], and KLEIN [11].
Participants can choose from Gran (117 miles and 5,700 feet of elevation gain), Medio (71 miles and 3,900 feet of elevation gain) and Piccolo (31 miles or shorter along the Row River Trail).
GABRIEL PICCOLO is proud of Partick's pretty football but warned that doesn't mean they're too good to be relegated.
Gabriel Piccolo already has a great grasp of the English language - but it is only now that Partick fans are seeing the gift of the Gab.
DFA is applied to various block ciphers such as AES [3, 4], ARIA [5], SEED [6], CLEFIA [7], LED [8], Piccolo [9-12], PRESENT [13], and KATAN32 [14].
Piccolo sprang into action when a topless man opened the car door and repeatedly ordered mum Charlie Preston, 25, to "get out and come with me".