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The Piccaninny upgrades are due for completion in June this year.
Her recent graduation from a skinny piccaninny with brief skirts and stiffly wrapped braids into the dignity of a long calico dress and starched white turban was an intoxicating affair.
A variation on the politically incorrect description for a small black child, piccaninny has its roots in the mid 17th century slave trade.
found a tin plaque in an antique store the other day advertising Piccaninny Freeze ice cream.
In the 1912 edition of The Poetical Works its ugly sentiments are compounded by being placed together with his other three racially inflected poems, "A Piccaninny," "My Chinee Cook," and "My Other Chinee Cook.
In going camping with Bonnie Edwards and her family at Island Yard south from Piccaninny Creek in the Kimberley, Muecke finds `already a comfortable division of labour, an indigenous cultural difference, as assertion cutting through against any European temptation to imagine that everyone was together having a "wilderness experience", a decultured experience'.
PEEKEENEENEE (8) At the main entry piccaninny, the OED lists the terms piccaninny dawn and piccaninny daylight with the meanings "earliest dawn, first light'.
The whole area formed a densely mythologised cluster of sacred sites, including a child or piccaninny Dreaming (Karu), a major blue-tongue lizard Dreaming (Lunggara) and a black whip snake Dreaming (Wiyawuti) which crossed the river at the rocky bar forming the old wagon crossing point and `played' around in the cliffs above the highway.