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involving clever rogues or adventurers especially as in a type of fiction

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The marginality of experience central to the picaresque immediately comes to the fore in Carrasco's novel.
Similarly, chapter two of part one tackles the picaresque and its precursors in an effort to unveil the literary patterns that developed within this genre prior to Cervantine narrative.
Entre estos ultimos, destaca el primer capitulo ("Microhistory and Picaresque"), compuesto por Giovanni Levi, quien desgrana en nueve puntos los desafios que el analisis interdisciplinario supone; Levi es consciente de la naturaleza del texto ficcional, pero al mismo tiempo reconoce las posibilidades que conlleva este tipo de examen.
That depends on how students of picaresque pose their questions.
Like most examples of the picaresque, The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron serves as both a rousing human story and a critique of an irrevocably flawed society.
English editions of Lazarillo during this period are especially noteworthy because theorizations of the picaresque, starting with Francisco Rico's La novela picaresca y el punto de vista (1970), have often emphasized Lazarillo 's teleological drive toward the "final situation" as crucial to the unity and significance of the narrative.
Van Praag, which only adds depth and interest to this riveting picaresque narration.
Like A Soldier in the Great War, this picaresque novel features an extravagant, near-Homeric figure.
picaresque voice reflects both the muted voice of the victim
JESSIE Wallace, the EastEnders actress whose private life seems as picaresque as in Walford, allowed her husband-to-be to take horrid pictures of body parts best reserved for intimate moments.
Quixote's almost picaresque adventures are given new life that loses none of the satirical delight of Cervantes' tale.
CRASH More4,9.00pm Set in LA, this is a picaresque, episodic film with a cast of disparate characters whose lives coincide for one reason or another.
Approaches to teaching Lazarillo de Tormes and the picaresque tradition.
One literary framework helpful in understanding Buzzell as an outsider is that of the picaresque narrative.