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involving clever rogues or adventurers especially as in a type of fiction

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Similarly, chapter two of part one tackles the picaresque and its precursors in an effort to unveil the literary patterns that developed within this genre prior to Cervantine narrative.
En el capitulo tres, "Spacial Disturbances in the Spanish Picaresque Novel", Robert Folger explora El Buscon de Quevedo y la anonima Vida y hechos de Estebanillo Gonzalez, como ejemplos excepcionales del genero (el Buscon como texto conservador y el Estebanillo como autobiografia autentica de un subalterno).
While picaresque fiction has always been central to the study of Spanish literature, it has tended to skulk in the margins of our most influential histories of the English novel.
Like most examples of the picaresque, The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron serves as both a rousing human story and a critique of an irrevocably flawed society.
In assessing the divergence between the Spanish original and English translation, we should ask ourselves to what degree these deviations might have, in fact, acted as formative influences within the transnational picaresque tradition--not just editorial errors but evolutionary mutations that became part of the genetic code of the picaresque, as it were.
But as Enriqueta Zafra explains in her introduction, when in 1623-and within the context of Counter-Reformation--King Phillip IV eventually prohibited prostitution, "[it] did not disappear nor did the concern about unenclosed women, who before, during, and after the ending of legalized prostitution kept slipping through the system and became associated with picaresque behavior" (7).
Bernhard Malkmus's The German Picaro and Modernity: Between Underdog and Shasse-Shifter is the first comprehensive monograph on the picaresque novel in German Modernism.
Like A Soldier in the Great War, this picaresque novel features an extravagant, near-Homeric figure.
picaresque voice reflects both the muted voice of the victim
JESSIE Wallace, the EastEnders actress whose private life seems as picaresque as in Walford, allowed her husband-to-be to take horrid pictures of body parts best reserved for intimate moments.
Starting with Don Quixote, he focuses on picaresque and Moorish novels along with theatrical pieces, that engage the control of knowledge, the exclusion of the Other, forced confession, blood purity, and other aspects of inquisitional culture.
In this as-told-to tale, Italian journalist Luca Rastello crafts the memories of an imprisoned drug smuggler into a picaresque complete with colorful criminals ("squat as a wine flask, hewn out of a single block, two gorilla-like arms that reached down to his knees") and jaw-dropping profits ("But you've brought in 1,200 kilos of cocaine
The picaresque genre's narrations of the misadventures of rogues have tended to privilege the masculine gender of its protagonists, and the male-centered plot of these canonical novels is further evinced not only in the maternal abandonment suffered by the young boy and his contact with a series of amoral father figures, but through the mature picaro's failed amorous relations with women.
Quixote's almost picaresque adventures are given new life that loses none of the satirical delight of Cervantes' tale.
00pm Set in LA, this is a picaresque, episodic film with a cast of disparate characters whose lives coincide for one reason or another.