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He calls for his wife who comes out of the house to listen and then he calls for a group of children, at least one of which has the stereotypical hairdo of a "picaninny." The children then come dance around Scruggs.
While actual black children performed in the picaninny choruses, the most famous black "child" on both the European and American stages was Topsy.
In popular culture pleasant Aboriginal motifs decorated souvenirs, ashtrays, and "picaninny plates," with Brownie Dowling's cutesy baby images becoming the most popular, best-selling artist in this genre.
I had opted out of the 'walk' up Picaninny Creek to see an example of aborigine rock painting as recent rain had resulted in water deep enough to reach the men s armpits, so my 5 foot 3 inches would have been submerged.
Dey is times in life when Nature Seems to slip a cog an' go, Jes' a-rattlin' down creation, Lak an ocean's overflow; When de worl' jes' stahts a-spinnin' Lak a picaninny's top, An'yo' cup o' joy is brimmin' 'Twell it seems about to slop, An' you feel jes' lak a racah, Dat is trainin' fu' to trot-- When yo' mammy says de blessin' An' de co'n pone's hot.