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Achilles Dakay officiated an anticipated Mass (it was a Saturday), after which many went to Salon Granada for cocktails and delicious pica-pica. Chef Pablo Escudero was slicing a large leg of jamon Serrano.
The menu items are not the typical pica-pica fare-in fact each dish is heavy and good for two persons.
There was a sideboard with attractive pica-pica like cubes of queso Manchego and slices of delicious salami, plus other delights which Dr.
Little did we know that the night before, 'little elves' had already put all sorts of pica-pica on the table.
May Ocaba, general manager of the club, was congratulated for the magnificent 'pica-pica' spread featuring Spanish favorites, best of all the delicious jamon serrano being expertly out by one of the Casino's specialty chefs.
This restaurant, the most prominent landmark in the Remedios Circle since the '80s, is also a nice place to have some drinks along with its tapas and pica-pica.
on a weekend and the crowd at Matina Town Square (MTS) appears comfortably settled with their beers and pica-pica while watching the night's featured bands.
They both circulated among the 85 who had signed up for the dinner, sampling the substantial pica-pica passed around.
Guests who prefer a lighter version can enjoy the pre-dinner pica-pica called aperi-grill from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.
An excellent menu was prepared by chef Adrien Guerreye who devised the pica-pica with fish tartare, foie gras empanada, shrimp cake and duck maki with goat cheese.
Choose from any of the traditional Chinese-style Leg of Ham that offers extra-juicy, sweet-salty tender meat; Chicken Ham stuffed with galantina; Chinese-style Boneless Ham that's ideally served with bread; and honey-cured American Ham that makes for a great party pica-pica. The holiday ham with golden brown glaze is cured with special herbs and spices and naturally smoked.
What: This festive mix of Spanish and Pinoy favorites includes Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka, tasty stewed pork belly swimming in crab fat and bits of garlic; Callos Madrilena, stewed ox tripe, garbanzos and chorizo bilbao in thick tomato sauce; Paella Fideua, a flavorful paella made with pasta instead of rice; and Spicy Cheeseball with crackers, an all-day cheesy pica-pica indulgence.
Do you know that President Aquino's favorite pica-pica, midnight snack and comfort food is a crunchy pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro City?