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martial music with variations

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is a mood, and a pibroch was something Jock felt almost physically,
the pibroch very often comes to a sudden end; it is a
19) Alan Riach writes about 'Moladh Beinn Dobhrain' that it is a "narrative progressing towards a 'culmination' and as song based on pibroch structure enacting a cycle that observes a beginning and ending but is organised as a recurring series of movements".
with dogs pulling the deer down to die in moorland pools, and these last scenes are described by means of unstressed extra syllables in imitation of crunluath, the most complex movement in pibroch which marks the climax to the tune".
So in a programme which also included Michael Nyman's In Re Don Giovanni we also encountered Schwertsik's take on Beethoven, Lament for the Song of Joy, notes of the great melody shared around the quartet and decorated like a pibroch.
The proposal has the backing of the piping college, the Army Society of Piping and the Pibroch Society.
And piper Alan Wilson from nearby Bonar Bridge played a pibroch "and any other tunes that came into my head which I thought Hector would have liked".
His prestigious pibroch competition offers the top prize money in Scotland.
So, when he's asked to play a pibroch, Malcolm can give the thumbs up.
He is also asking United Distillers for pounds 150,000 to operate the puffer, Pibroch, on their behalf, promoting the whisky industry.