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an ancient (now obsolete) single-reed woodwind

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Julius GN, for example, recasts Julius Caesar as a "gangsta" tale; She Lies with Angels assimilates Romeo and Juliet to the X-Men universe, focusing on a forbidden romance between a human and a mutant; Gareth Hinds's Merchant of Venice is set in the contemporary business world of modern Venice; and Pibgorn Rep reimagines A Midsummer Night's Dream as a forties backstage musical.
Mae'r offerynnau'n cynnwys ffidil, telyn, ffliwt, pib, pibau, pibgorn...
There'll also be cider tasting, chutney and an apple pie stall, while Peni Ediker - an expert on the bagpipes, oboe and pibgorn (no, I've no idea either) - will also be performing.
Sam Humphreys plays the guitar while Alaw Ebrill Jones is on harp and Patrick Rimes plays the fiddle, pibgorn and whistle.
Also coming up later this year are sessions in Cegin Ceri with Christine Cooper, a young fiddler from Pembrokeshire, and Stephen Rees, who plays fiddle, pibgorn and accordion.
The crwth - a distant relative of the violin - and the pibgorn - a reed hornpipe - are thought to be unique to Wales and produce highly distinctive, wailing sounds.
Yn ogystal a dawnsio, mae'r grwp yn cyflwyno cerddoriaeth draddodiadol ar wahanol offerynnau, yn cynnwys y ffidil, y delyn deires a'r pibgorn, ac mae'r pwyslais ar ddawnsiau ac alawon o Fon.
At the other end of the scale is Wrth Fynd Hefo Deio i Dywyn, which features Andy McLauchlin of Gwynedd folk quartet Crasdant on the pibgorn, a traditional Welsh pipe - a first, it would seem, for any Cajun record!
Instruments played include the medieval crumhorn and zither, bagpipes and pibgorn (pipe horn).
Since his appointment two years ago, Clive has become a keen fan of traditional Welsh music and has learned to play the pibgorn.
"I recently came across the pibgorn, and as it sounded interesting I set about tracking one of these things down.