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a fractional monetary unit in Egypt and Lebanon and Sudan and Syria

100 kurus equal 1 lira in Turkey

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The chairperson of the committee, Gach Makuach, told Sudan Tribune that the coins will be in the denominations of 5, 20 and 50 piastres.
5 piastres during the 1919 tax reform and applied from 1923 to all healthy males, aged 18 to 60 years old.
The biggest coin he has is that of 10,000 Yen denomination, followed by a holed Lebanese coin with French denomination (1 piastre of Republique Libanaise) that was minted in 1955.
The piastre currency on the stamps was rendered as Arabic as "ghursh," correctly qursh.
Sir William Gregory, a former Tory MP and governor of Ceylon, argued that, 'We are the only nation which had an honest sympathy with the unfortunate peasants of the Nile Valley, and yet we are forced to be the nigger-drivers, the administrators of the lash to exact the last piastre from these poor wretches for the benefit of bondholders.
Still another rumor alleged Norton had been killed because the Vichy authorities had put a 200 piastre reward on the heads of all downed pilots.
The tracks are Rosette (3:55); La piastre des Etats (4:10); La veillee chez Poirier (2:57); La traversee (4:31); Tour a bois (3:01); Le vieux cheval (3:04); Petit reve III (2:48); Les larmes aux yeux (4:28); La beaute du mariage (4:24); Du Labrador a Montmagny (3:53); Le berger (3:17); L'heure bleue (4:02); and La fille et les dragons (5:05).
Electricity from Zafarana is sold to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company at 12 piastre per kWh (US2.
Bonze (1552), cangue (1727), cash (2) (1598), China (1555), Chinese (1577), chinesery (1890), Chinglish (1957), compound (1679), Dobsonian (1980), Hun (900), joss (1711), junk (1555), Manchu (1697), Manchurian (1706), mandarin (1589), miaow (1634), myriarch (1623), ombres chinoises (1779), pavillon chinois (1876), Pere David's Deer (1898), phad thai (1978), piastre (1592), prefect (1853), prefecture (1855), Ryukyu (1808), samisen (1616), shaman (1698), Sharawaggi (1685), shogun (1615), Shorin ryu (1974), silk (c.
Dorothee est admiree et choyee de tous, et elle serait parfaitement heureuse si elle n'etait obligee d'entasser piastre sur piastre pour racheter sa petite soeur qui a bien onze ans, et qui est deja mure, et si belle
Inflation had largely been triggered as a result of repeated devaluations reminiscent of the spectacular tumble of the piastre in 1973 under the Saigon regime in the year following the Paris agreement and the formal withdrawal of American combat troops.
Here, on Koh Tralach, you have one piastre, you can rest for a day,' he wrote.
7 pairs per hectare, followed by that of the Cap de Fer islet with 105 pairs per hectare, the Saint Piastre island with 93.
I'll never forget how on Saturdays, Nicosia was flooded with people descending from the rural areas like Tylliria carrying tins to collect a piastre (former currency) or two," said Kannaouros.
Le piastre et le fusil: Le cout de la guerre d'Indochine 1945-1954, by Hugues Tertrais.