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The arrival of this pianoforte is decisive with me.
She did not wish to speak of the pianoforte, she felt too much in the secret herself, to think the appearance of curiosity or interest fair, and therefore purposely kept at a distance; but by the others, the subject was almost immediately introduced, and she saw the blush of consciousness with which congratulations were received, the blush of guilt which accompanied the name of "my excellent friend Colonel Campbell.
and I had almost forgotten one idea that occurred to methis pianoforte that has been sent here by somebody though we have all been so well satisfied to consider it a present from the Campbells, may it not be from Mr.
This present from the Campbells," said she"this pianoforte is very kindly given.
The content of Il Pianoforte is eclectic; its goal is both to bring news dealing with contemporary music on an international scale to an Italian readership while at the same time focusing attention on musical activities in Italy.
The pianoforte was first exhibited in 1709 by Francesco Cristofori in Florence.
UP and coming from Down Under, young Australian pianist Jayson Gillham is the guest of the Sunderland Pianoforte Society this week.
Tatiana Dardykina, who now lives in Birmingham, and Alexei Petrov and Alexander Karpeyev, who both now live in London, won the preliminary rounds of the Robert William & Florence Amy Brant International Pianoforte Competition in Birmingham last weekend and will play in the finals at Birmingham Town Hall tomorrow.
The name was borrowed into English as pianoforte or fortepiano, which was eventually shortened to just piano.
In 1971, she was the official artist with the New Philharmonia Orchestra on its tour of the US and, four years later, was appointed to the same post with the International Pianoforte Competition in Leeds, where she had lived for a while.
Very interesting is the discussion of the expansion in fabrication and in technique of the pianoforte and the piano during the July Monarchy, including the accretion of a variety of specificities (sustaining features, which gave the illusion of a "singing" capacity [this is the bel canto period], rapid key action, which allowed for nuances and heightened control) that separated it from the harpsichord and the pianoforte, moving it to a position of more than a basso continuo.
Ad una morta" (Spirto gentil) per baritono e pianoforte.
PIANOFORTE can call the tune for the second time within a week at Haydock this afternoon.
Famed music critic James Huneker was commissioned by Steinway and Sons to write the texts illuminating the 12 paintings by American artists of famous composers for the pianoforte (and other instruments).
Who would put a very expensive new pianoforte out in the backyard where the bugs and birds and who knows what all could get in it?