piano tuner

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someone who tunes pianos

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The Winter Soldier, which, like its predecessors (The Piano Tuner, A Far Country), fully qualifies as epic." JOAN FRANK
At 24, he's handsome and has perfect pitch, but is also (in a slight twist on the archetypal blind piano tuner) severely short-sighted.
Iarnrod Eireann, along with piano tuner John Murphy, has installed a piano on the southbound platform.
Ed Mashburn, a professional piano tuner, has relocated to Bellingham and is now offering services in Whatcom and Skagit counties.
What do a boilermaker, a piano tuner and a dog handler have in common?
Piano tuner Eddie Lancashire, who has never acted before, won a part in The Light Between Oceans starring Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz.
Other Mulberry Films productions include The Piano Tuner , adapted from a novel by Daniel Mason, Dromos, anadaptation of Massimo Carlotto's Respiro Corto, and Purple America , an adaptation of a book by Rick Moody.
But piano tuner Paul, of Dalrymple, Ayrshire, received a letter stating it had been seized.
There's Vera, the tough but tender owner; Pancho, the philosophical piano tuner; Billy Joe, the former rising star back home after a stop in Memphis; and Commie Tom, the exceedingly generous proprietor of the Hammer and Sickle Bookstore.
Building a network is about building relationships--with other businesses (my piano tuner and music store), with colleagues (in my discipline but other areas as well), with mentors (and mentees) and with professional associations.
Frank Ryan is a piano tuner who finds himself in possession of a rare, original Beethoven manuscript and being chased by a colorful assortment of shady characters who want to get their hands on it.
His father was a piano tuner and the pair went to Sunday concerts together.
Bob worked for many years as a computer technician with the TRW Company and later was self-employed as a piano tuner. Music was one of Bob's greatest joys in life and he was an accomplished pianist.
"What's worse than being a tone deaf piano tuner?" Peter joked, wrapping his arm around her and squeezing her into his side.
Thus arises the need to preserve our lives on film", Taraporevala says, explaining the motivation behind her photographs of Parsi music composer Bahadur Nanji and Ratnagar, a mystic piano tuner. There are personal reasons also, she admits, " My grandparents passed away, but not before I had captured them on celluloid".