piano tuner

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someone who tunes pianos

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The filmmakers were casting the part of a piano tuner and decided they wanted someone authentic.
His father was a piano tuner and the pair went to Sunday concerts together.
Bob worked for many years as a computer technician with the TRW Company and later was self-employed as a piano tuner.
Ian, proprietor of Porthmadog-based Pianos Cymru has been the festival's piano tuner since 1985 and spends hours tuning the 27 instruments on the festival site.
In tonight's instalment, Dad buys a piano and the world's most sarcastic piano tuner turns up to get the instrument in tip top condition.
Thus arises the need to preserve our lives on film", Taraporevala says, explaining the motivation behind her photographs of Parsi music composer Bahadur Nanji and Ratnagar, a mystic piano tuner.
WELL-KNOWN organ and piano tuner Paul Reamsbottom has died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.
It was once thought that when in adulthood the brain does not change, but our study shows that depending on the experience of the piano tuner, the brain changes.
A documentary about a piano tuner that turns out to be an absolute joy.
The piano tuner looked at me, lifting his eyebrows knowingly.
Olivier Treiner's "L'Accordeur" (Piano Tuner) tells the story of Adrien, a young man working as a piano tuner, who pretends to be blind in order to see more about his clients' lives.
Cris Forster is a performer, composer, piano tuner, and creator of unique acoustic instruments.
Pianomania (Certificate TBC, 93 mins) Fascinating documentary about classical music and its rich tones, told from the perspective of world famous piano tuner Stefan Knupfer, who talents are greatly in demand.
A huge stage was built in the grounds of the hotel and sound checks were carried out all yesterday afternoon with a piano tuner on hand.
Daniel Mason's second novel, following on the heels of the highly acclaimed Piano Tuner, recreates every inch of the backlands and the enormous city of A Far Country.