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someone who teaches students to play the piano

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Awards that Isabelle Huppert won include: BAFTA for Most Promising Newcomer for her work in THE LACEMAKER, two Venice Film Festival Best Actress Awards for STORY OF WOMEN and THE CEREMONY, Venice Film Festival's Special Jury Lion d'Or for GABRIELLE and for her entire body of work; two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards for VIOLETTE and THE PIANO TEACHER; in France she received the Cesar Best Actress Award for THE CEREMONY and ELLE - for which she also received a Gotham, Golden Globe and Spirit Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.
Piano Teaching Skills: A Complete Guide for Piano Teachers
Young piano prodigies Jeremy Chen, eight, left, and James, 10, of Ingleby Barwick, with their piano teacher Barbara White 100114PIANOBOYS_01 PETER REIMANN
NOTEWORTHY EFFORT: Pupils from St John Vianney School with Coventry piano teacher Samantha Faulkner
Importantly, he was also a piano teacher. He might even be considered the doyen of piano teachers, since he was one of the first people to grasp the piano's immense potential.
But if the premise of Portrait of an Image was to capture an assortment of major characters Huppert has portrayed on screen--Erika Kohut in Michael Haneke's Piano Teacher (2001), Marie in Claude Chabrol's Story of Women (1988), Beatrice in Claude Goretta's The Lacemaker (1977), to name only three--the parenthetical credit the actress receives suggests that Horn views her participation as something of a cameo performance, a "cameo" perhaps in the sense that she lends only the gemlike relief through which the otherwise invisible and therefore external personae enter into the picture.
Her works have been translated into French and English but infrequently into other languages, due in part to Jelinek's writing style, which she classifies as "provincial." Of the four works by Jelinek that have been translated into English, she is perhaps most famous for Die Klavierspielerin (The piano teacher), a semiautobiographical novel about a Viennese piano teacher who becomes entangled in a perilous relationship with one of her pupils.
A mystery donation of pounds 100,000 has been made to Coventry University following the death of a piano teacher in the city.
The first Hamlet advert, Piano Teacher, was launched in 1963 and featured a piano teacher exasperated by his pupil's bad playing - the teacher sparks up a Hamlet, takes a drag, and the boy then plays Bach's Air on a G String perfectly.
PETER HANEKE'S "The Piano Teacher" is a film that you won't see in your local multiplex, for reasons that have little to do with mass culture's protection of public morality.
One of those scholarship students was Wong Yui, 12, from Shenzhen, whose piano teacher accompanied her to Hong Kong.
The Sendai District Court on Thursday ordered a piano teacher to pay 9 million yen in compensation to a woman for sexually harassing her for eight years during piano lessons.
He is a fine pianist and a talented painter but due to the awful limitations of his mother's perceptions and the madness of his piano teacher, Miss Peebs, he is denied a true chance to paint or play.
Meanwhile, Cathy Gregg, of Glasgow, tells me that the film star who was hypnotised and recalled life as a piano teacher in Scotland was Glenn Ford.