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a stool for piano players


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She added: "I brought a piano stool from home in Tipperary.
He sits at the piano stool - but the composer is always in the driving seat.
Joel was so passionate in his reading of "My Life'' that, at one point, he kicked the piano stool out from under him.
With Gregor on guitar, Ricky took to his piano stool for the opening song Bethlehem's Gate.
When Oussama Rahbani left his piano stool at one point to demonstrate a few dance moves, most of the spectators could be heard to express their astonishment.
A few years later, she saw Duke Ellington and Count Basie sit at the piano stool, where they composed songs with her father.
HIS run in American TV's worldwide hit show, House, may be coming to an end, but as Hugh Laurie hangs up his stethoscope he strolls over to the piano stool to mesmerise us with an alternative kind of therapy - music.
Amusician courageous enough to express displeasure with his hearers by flinging his piano stool into the auditorium, and bold enough to give his verdict on an unfamiliar composition by publicly vomiting, should not have needed to wait until now for his first English-language biography.
The body sways upon the piano stool instead of dancing, the artist absurdly silting, pushing down keys as a writer will press the letters on a typewriter, trying to express, express, express
After a laudatory introduction by actor Tom Hanks, Lewis kicked over his piano stool to start the second nightAAEs show, delighting the crowd.
But few paid much attention as she nervously shifted the piano stool up to the ivories.
she cried as she rounded the corner and found Peter sitting on a piano stool.
One or two piano calls came in each week until Christmas vacation; I thought it was all over, but then a lady called to donate a piano stool and someone else had piano music to give our class.