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action consisting of a system of levers that move a felt hammer to strike the strings when a key is depressed

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Americus Backers is said to have invented the standard English grand piano action in 1776: this is directly followed by a description of a Backers piano of 1772 with that very same action.
A wealth of information regarding impressionism emphasizes the classicism and pudeur of Ravel's music and the impact of the new double-escapement piano action on his virtuosic style.
I found some of the photo illustrations to be too small to see details adequately; for example, on page 84, the very small parts within a piano action are not clearly visible.
To more clearly explain Liszt's impact on the industry of piano manufacturers, she provides figures of different piano actions and excerpts from Liszt's music featuring his unconventional articulations and expressive markings (pp.
The CS10 features the Grand Feel action, an action that provides extra-long wooden keys and a mechanical design closely emulating that of Kawai's grand piano actions.
Almost all of the piano actions were imported from Germany - reckoned to be the best makers.
However, it shares many of the same uses as hard maple, including: flooring, furniture, interior joinery, piano actions, dairy and laundry equipment, turnery and architectural uses such as paneling.
ABS-Carbon parts are lighter without sacrificing strength, which produces an action that is faster and more stable than conventional piano actions.
Its other uses include paneling, textile machinery rollers, musical instruments, piano actions, butcher block, sporting goods and dairy equipment.