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a portable box-shaped free-reed instrument

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And, indeed, his more free-flowing style on piano accordion, an instrument that in the majority of other choreographic contexts is antithetical to kinetic excellence, never seemed out of place.
Along with the dates and venue of a concert in the 1940s is a picture of a young girl playing a piano accordion.
Frank has a fine voice and accompanies himself on either guitar or piano accordion.
They're surprised to see it's just Luke, a little bloke with a piano accordion.
Mr Oliver, chair of Folk Arts England and a former deputy head at Hexham's Queen Elizabeth High School, plays the piano accordion in a folk band with his family.
Nibs Matthews was our teacher and I played piano accordion.
He was like a strolling gypsy with his full size black and white piano accordion strapped to him as he started singing Rose of Kilarney.
He never grumbles and even has the energy to play the piano accordion at coffee mornings.
Two pipe bands, a piano accordion band and drummers will entertain guests at the lavish wedding.
The quartet bring together the combined talents of Irishman Brian Finnegan on an assortment of flutes and whistles, Sarah Allen on flute and piano accordion, subtle guitar accompanist Ed Boyd and bodhran phenomenon John Joe Kelly, arguably, Britain's finest exponent of the Irish frame drum.
I've worked with piano accordion before, and that worked out nicely with the pipes.
Also a keen musician, he started entertaining at the Down Under club, playing his piano accordion.
July 14, 1951 Fourteen-year-old Marlene Sylvia Hick of Lockwood Road played the piano accordion on a Young Artists programme as part of the BBC's Children's Hour.
She will be accompanied by Willie Molleson on drums, Emma Smith on double bass, Barney Morse-Brown on cello and Salsa Celtica's Phil Alexander on keyboards and piano accordion.
Mr Whiteside will also bring his banjo and accompany Mr Wootten on the piano accordion.