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performance by or technique of a pianist

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5]) somewhat lively, more challenging pianistically
Taiwanese born Tien Hsieh gave a brilliant performance of this pianistically demanding work, her crashing chords, bravura runs and swirling scales were truly breathtaking.
Committee members also offered detailed suggestions for improvement: the introductory lines (incipits) in the Assisting Minister's part in the Kyrie needed to be reworked; some of the melody/text phrases in the Gloria need to be restudied; some of the accompaniment in the Sanctus seemed to be pianistically conceived; the melodic range in the Sanctus, especially going to the high E-flat, needed to be reconsidered; the use of syncopated rhythmic figures in the Gloria and Sanctus were questioned.
While Martin Schelhaas's reductions of these pianistically unidiomatic accompaniments look accurate on paper, some of them will be found totally unrealistic in performance.
With Anton Reicha, Quintets for solo violoncello and string quartet (Sony Classical, SK53118, rec 1992), Anner Bylsma, playing with L'Archibudelli, gets his own back, not only in terms of what is played, but in a note bemoaning the lot of the string player who must modify pianistically conceived writing 'in order not to emerge second-best'.
We enjoyed connecting our generations through the duet genre and spent a couple sessions sharing the delightful experience of music making with arrangements that are pianistically accessible and musically interesting for teens.
I'd be learning classical harmony and also how to play gospel organ - I was really into gospel quite early on, like real gospel, the Reverend James Cleveland and amazing stuff that was interesting to me pianistically.
Running baths and racing trolley cars are heard pianistically.
The instrumentation of both concertos is colourful, and the solo part is spectacular and pianistically rewarding.