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performance by or technique of a pianist

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Leydenbach will offer music lovers in Limassol and Nicosia a rare chance to enjoy the complete collection of these charming salon pieces in a singular interpretation inspired by German romanticism combined with the bel canto pianistic technique of Vladimir Horowitz.
Born only five years apart, they are shown to have remarkable pianistic similarities, and a study of Schmitt's performance style has value for performers today.
They require a mature and technically secure vocal instrument, and the pianistic requirements are likewise demanding.
Cecile Licad masterfully executed and interpreted the rhythms and attitudes of Ravel's composition resulting in a pianistic tour de force, and undeniably with duende in her hands and soul, brought musical fire that enchanted and bewitched minds and hearts.
The second chapter examines the similarities in rhetoric between actual player piano advertisements and fictional representations of piano players struggling with fatigue and precision to argue that "this advertising discourse prompted a new pianistic behavior" in The Challoners and Christian Thal (6).
Only a pianistic transcription by a genius like Liszt could begin to do justice to the magnificent orchestral original and despite Jando's best efforts this version never gets below the surface of the work.
One standard source on pianistic history, Harold C.
Dr Sierra said: "Urban Birds is a piece that juxtaposes natural and electronic sources in an extended pianistic sound world showcasing three formidable soloists.
Ortiz is also gathering much momentum on the NYC scene, already establishing a strongly personal style, not easily aligned with most of his pianistic peers.
She continued this love of performance at home by entertaining her family with her impressive pianistic talent and beautiful voice.
Simmons' pianistic pyrotechnics were dazzling, but I was equally impressed by the substance of her words, which had profound application to our industry.
Check it out if you like: Randy Newman, Tom Lehrer, and other pianistic iconoclasts.
14 in C-sharp Minor and Claude Debussy in "Claire de Lune" wrote pianistic, "Moonlight" masterpieces.
Once again there is a delightful coda in Larking with Haydn, Sudbin's pianistic impression of the last movement of the String Quartet Op 64/5.
Nevertheless, the Matanzas-born, 70 year-old exiled pianist spent many years in relative obscurity, and it appears that his previous bandleading sessions * failed to capture the true nature of his elegant pianistic potency.