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Synonyms for pianissimo

(music) low loudness


Related Words

chiefly a direction or description in music

Related Words

a direction in music

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Dukach sang two Russian art songs, frequently employing her greatest vocal asset, striking pianissimos.
Here the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir produced magical pianissimo moments but blossomed into a striking fortissimo which, along with the RLPO itself, did great justice to this moving symphony.
A beautiful voice, under extraordinary control and combined with committed artistry, made her portrayal (especially in her pianissimo dying moments) unforgettable.
Mantra-like repetition, the hallmark of this composer, came to life through changes of timbre and dynamic and only the sublime concluding pianissimo was spoilt by extraneous banging of doors.
The tone was rich and well balanced throughout, only showing slight degradation in pianissimo string passages.
To create a breathtaking pianissimo, the pianist can bring the weight of hand and arm to rest just below the surface of the key, about one-third of the way down, before giving it the final swing to the bottom.
Pianissimo also helps technologists image patients more successfully and reduces repeat exams.
Music Director Roger Clarkson neatly linked all contributions from magnificent Aida fanfares to enchanting details in Stravinsky's Firefird Suite, where the Main Orchestra (under 14s) created a breathtaking almost inaudible pianissimo leading to the heart-stopping horn solo.
Feubel took a brave revenge with fine color, clarion high notes and flawless breath control that enabled her to produce the touching pianissimo phrasing.
From the intense, slow opening with hugely subtle pianissimo moments, Petrenko worked the movement into a furious melee.
5 found pianissimo strings and gentle harp wonderfully conveying its yearning, elegiac content.
Though marked pianissimo and dolce, Piano I intensifies the accompaniment of the bell effects by passing from quadruplet sixteenth to triplet sixteenth to octuplet thirty-second notes at a mezzopiano level before resuming the melody.
Since the patient experiences lower noise levels with Pianissimo, patients stay more relaxed during exams and fewer motion artifacts are acquired, which helps improve image quality.
Each of the 14 pieces played held its own individual delights, like the gorgeous pianissimo strings in Tales from the Vienna Woods - that hauntingly nostalgic, near-symphonic waltz - and the deliciously evocative sound of the sleigh bells in Mozart's German Dance K.
There was a burst of thickly textured chords before a final pianissimo, barely audible.