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performance by or technique of a pianist

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Blickstein and Benko offer numerous accounts from critics, audience members, and Pachmann's colleagues about the effect that the extreme subtlety and sensitivity of his pianism had on listeners.
Pianist John Hess is her partner, and as dazzling as his pianism may be, still more impressive is how seamlessly his playing melds with Green's singing even in the most intricately complicated songs.
There is a tacit agreement that pianism is the style of piano writing developed by Chopin and Liszt (although the two composers were of course quite distinct themselves) and continued by the great piano composers of the 20th century.
The companion to The mechanical muse; the piano, pianism and piano music, c.
In the slow movement, his pianism was gentle and thoughtful and even a little dreamy - here, Blomstedt summoned beautiful playing from the violas and cellos.
Again, the unity of ensemble was outstanding but it was Goode's scintillating pianism that raised it to such splendid heights.
Liszt and Rachmaninoff's own techniques are based on Chopin's but where Chopin always clung to a pure pianism, the formers exploited the coloristic and orchestral possibilities of the piano.
There is an integrity to his pianism that commands respect.
Meet Arcadi Volodos, whom critics have hailed as a likely successor to Horowitz in keeping alive "The Great Age of Pianism.
And, like Andros Schiff's pianism, it proves that great effects can be made by understatement.
Open to performers between the ages of 21 and 33, the Dranoff International Two Piano Competition is the world's only international competition dedicated exclusively to duo pianism.
Also on the bill is talented singersongwriter Angie Collins who combines a vocal reminiscent of Carol King with the polished pianism of Nina Simone.
Uhlig's pianism is a delight throughout but especially in Ravel's dark and sinister Concerto for Left Hand.
She showed a biting sense of grand pianism in Schumann's Fantasy in C Major, Op.
This is virtuosic pianism at its most demanding, so piano friends, be warned