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perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia

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We analyzed pial, dural and sinus invasion, as well as bone infiltration in relation to gender.
In the present study, we investigated the role of salvinorin A in cerebral pial artery protection in a rat model of forebrain ischemia injury.
* Constituida Plataforma de Innovacion Agropecuario Local (PIAL) y su Plan Operativo Anual 2015 y 2016.
(4) Most of these neurons then approach the pial surface and settle away from the VZ.
Estas celulas con somas pequenos aparecen localizados principalmente en las capas supragranulares en relacion cercana con la superficie pial (21).
MRI of brain showed multiple ring enhancing pial based lesions highly suggestive of tuberculoma (Figure 2).
Maybe if Hungarian Pial Orfol had turned up and done the business the result may have been somewhat different.
Moskowitz, "Basic fibroblast growth factor dilates rat pial arterioles,' Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, vol.
Cebadas de palos las ansias de motin, quien podia convocar a la razon o reclamar respeto cuando el ultimo pial alcanzo al fin el macabro trofeo ...
That name of his, one of the many names he was known by--including Peter Masta, Pial Pol, and Pierre Paul Osunkherhine--means either "The Birds are Flying" or "He Who Comes by Flying" in the Abenaki language he so loved.
In addition, bosentan may contribute to the cortical circulation, especially through its effects on collateral circulation via pial anastomoses.
Currently, the patient is stable and awaiting neurosurgical intervention in the form of a pial synangiosis.
Justice Suresh Kait, though, refused to frame additional charge of conspiracy against him and co- accused Ved Prakash Pial and Brahmanand Gupta.
In the Sultanpuri case, besides Kumar, co-accused Ved Prakash Pial alias Vedu Pradhan and Brahmanand Gupta had also moved the high court against framing of charges against them.