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perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia

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Pial synangiosis for treatment of moyamoya syndrome in children [Home study program; Electronic version].
An excited Thompson explained that 20-year-old Pial has broken into the 28-times Hungarian title winners first team at only 18, scoring a hat-trick against their fierce rivals Honved FC on his debut, but then picked up a knee injury three games later.
The posterior portion of the optic nerve receives a peripheral vascular supply from the pial vessels derived from branches of the ophthalmic artery, whereas the central fibers are often supplied by branches of the central retinal artery.
Brain invasion, with or without pial disruption, constitutes by definition a malignant meningioma (4).
1) There is classically absence of restricted diffusion in these affected areas, and patchy nodular pial enhancement is occasionally seen (as in the patient reported).
Besides Kumar, those named in the chargesheet for rioting and killing in North Delhi's Sultanpuri are Ved Prakash Pial, Peru, Khushal Singh and Brahma Nand Gupta.
13) One of the typical imaging findings in Sturge-Weber syndrome is calcification occurring adjacent to a pial angioma, originating in the subcortical white matter and then extending to the cortex (Figure 8).
Although no gender differences have been reported for the effects of 17-[beta]-estradiol on pial microvasculature in rabbits (Littleton-Kearney et al.
For each challenge, BW, indices of cerebrovascular reserve, cere bral perfusion pressure (CPP), and pial arteriolar diameter were determined.
30] The dura mater is opened and the sensor is placed on the cortex with avoidance of the pial vessels.
Over time this may result in superficial siderosis caused by the deposition of iron pigments on pial and arachnoid surfaces.
By using immunocytochemistry, pyramidal neurons showed the characteristic of having a dominant apical dendrite that passed from the cell body vertically toward the pial surface of the neuron.
2], while smaller surface pial arteries generate prostacyclin.